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A new Game of Thrones mod for Mount & Blade 2 video game available for download!



Video games and TV shows/movies have often worked hand-in-hand to help promote each other. They also provide the ultimate user experience, where players can live through their favourite films or series. Last month, Fantasy Flight’s A Game of Thrones: The Board Game was successfully incorporated into the Android and IOS version. Looks like there are more opportunities out there for Game of Thrones fans to play as their favourite characters. Carolina Warlord has released the first early version of the Game of Thrones mod for Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. This total conversion mod changes Calradia into Westeros and Essos from the HBO series.

According to the modder, this mod aims to feature hundreds of characters. It also aims to have over twenty kingdoms from the Free Folk, north of the wall, to the Dothraki of the Great Grass Sea.

As said, this first release is a very early access version and is nowhere close to complete. Thus, you should temper your expectations. For instance, the Custom Main Map is an early temporary version with many abnormalities due to leaving native vista texture in place. However, the modder plans to create a new map when the modding tools are fixed and completely implemented. You can download the mod from here.

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Pets are like family members. Many people adore them like their own kids. Fans were delighted when Jon Snow’s Direwolf Ghost was reunited with him in Season 8 Episode 6 of Game of Thrones. Mark Addy, famous for playing Robert Baratheon on the show, has come forward to show his love for cats. A sculpture in memory of a beloved cat who endeared himself to visitors to the York Minster has been unveiled by the Game of Thrones star.

Local sculptor Anthony Bartyla crafted the tribute to Gerald, the Minister’s sociable cat. It was unveiled outside of The Cat Gallery on Low Petegate on Thursday afternoon by TV and film star Mark Addy.

Mr Addy took the responsibility of unveiling the clay cat, saying: “It gives me great pleasure to unveil Gerald. I’ve not seen him – very few people have! So here we go…”

The broad Yorkshire-accented Mark pulled the cover before saying: “Nice! That’s beautiful”, and giving Gerald a stroke. Addy said that he had several cats of his own that he had fostered and they are “a big part of my life”.

He admitted that he had never met Gerald but was well aware of his celebrity. When asked what he liked about cats, he said: “It’s partly the fact they really don’t care. You can have known them from a kitten and ask them to come see you and they will just walk away. They have their own minds and that’s a great thing to have.”

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It is always surprisingly pleasant to find out some of our most favourite cartoons were voiced by our beloved actors. Futurama is one of the funniest animated shows currently on TV. They often make parodies of popular shows, movies, or some real-life situations. However, back in 2013, Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke voiced a character on the show, and barely anyone noticed.

In Season 7’s “Stench and Stenchibility” – the 25th episode of Futurama – Doctor Zoidberg found true love with the Game of Thrones veteran. Doctor John Zoidberg was introduced in the second episode of Futurama, ‘The Series Has Landed.’ The physician for the Planet Express Delivery Company, Zoidberg is a brilliant doctor when it comes to alien biology. With humans – who are the majority of his co-workers – he’s far less knowledgeable. Over the course of Futurama, Zoidberg was increasingly treated in worse ways.

His appearance and odour were often mocked by the rest of the crew. He was openly insulted by the rest of his co-workers. However, his greatest personal win came in the penultimate episode of the series, Stench and Stenchibility. Before a date, Zoidberg uses some of his funds to purchase flowers from a woman named Marianne, voiced by Emilia Clarke, who previously played Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones. After the date fails because of Zoidberg’s natural odour, he tries to return the flowers and gets the chance to save her from a robbery. In thanks for his assistance, Marianne — who’d earlier been enchanted by Zoidberg’s natural charm — asks him out for a date. The episode concludes with the pair kissing and driving off into the sunset.

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Music is the language of the soul. There’s a reason why a scintillating tune brings out the true power of a story. Game of Thrones’ Ramin Djawadi was brought back for House of The Dragon for the same. The show influenced culture and people all around the world. The most recent example being K-Pop group The Boyz’s last performance on a reality show- Kingdom: Legendary War.

While competing on the show, the group performed two acts based on Game of Thrones. First up, they performed a song called “No Air” in a performance that was entirely A Song of Ice and Fire-themed. You can clearly spot White Walker backup dancers and snow on the stage works. Check it out below:

Next, The Boyz put together a routine inspired by the Red Wedding. This one seems a little looser, although the colour scheme is on point.

There are English translations, walk-throughs and subtitled videos out there if you want to get a clearer description of the acts. Various fans have put them up on Twitter to help Game of Thrones fans understand the performance in a better way.

btw this is the translation of the rap in the performance inspired by the red wedding

— am ? (@webiewoo) April 29, 2021

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Earlier this month, Game of Thrones found a special mention in WB’s Space Jam 2 trailer. Talk to us in the comments below and let us know about more pop-culture icons referencing Game of Thrones!

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