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9 details you might have missed in Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6: Beyond the Wall



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Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 6, Beyond the Wall was the penultimate episode of the season and just like the previous seasons, we got a spectacular episode that gave us an amazing battle between the living and the dead. The episode was visually gratifying and at the same time, it also broke our hearts as we saw Viserion being killed and resurrected by the Night King. The mission to retrieve a Wight was successful but it came at a huge cost and now there are just 2 living Dragons remaining in the world.

As usual, there were many references to events that happened in the previous episodes of the series and we will talk about the details that you might have missed in the episode. You can also check the details you might’ve missed in the previous episode, Eastwatch.

1. Mance Rayder reference

While on their mission to capture a Wight, Tormund asked Jon about Daenerys and he told Tormund that Daenerys would fight for him only if he bent the knee. Tormund immediately talked about how Mance Rayder was a great man but he refused to bend the knee and let his people die for his pride.

This echoes what Daenerys said to Jon Snow inside the cave, during the 4th episode of this season. When Jon refused to bend the knee saying that his people wouldn’t accept her as a ruler, Daenerys told Jon, “Isn’t their survival more important than your pride

These two incidents might have convinced Jon Snow that being stubborn about bending the knee would only harm the people he wants to protect and when Jon finally spoke with Daenerys at the end of the episode, he agreed to bend the knee. It appears that the discussion with Tormund played an important part in Jon taking the decision.

Also, during the 5th season, Tormund was Jon’s prisoner and Jon told Tormund that his people should fight together with the Night’s Watch against the White Walkers. Tormund replied that it wasn’t possible as his people would kill him if he ever asked them to team up with the crows and Jon told Tormund, “You are condemning them to death, worse than death because you are too proud to make peace.”

However, Tormund wasn’t too stubborn and he kept aside his pride and agreed to convince his people to fight with the Night’s Watch. This moment gives us a glimpse into Tormund’s thought process, as he was willing to keep aside his pride to help his people.

2. Arya was wrong about Sansa for the second time this season

During the episode, Arya went on an offensive against Sansa and accused her of betraying her own family. She even spoke about the moment when Ned Stark was killed. She told Sansa, “I remember you standing on that platform with Joffrey and Cersei when they dragged father to the block. I remember the pretty dress you were wearing, I remember the fancy way you did your hair.

However, that wasn’t how things actually happened. When Joffrey gave the order to behead Ned Stark, Sansa couldn’t believe what she just heard and she had to be held back by a member of the Kingsguard as she was trying everything she could do protect her father.

However, it’s possible that Arya might’ve missed all that as she immediately rushed towards Ned Stark once Joffrey made the announcement.

This is the second time Arya has wrongly judged Sansa in this season. Arya already thinks that Sansa wrote the letter to Robb on her own and now she made it clear that she still felt Sansa was supporting Joffrey when their father was killed and all these misunderstandings are creating a rift between the sisters in this season.

3. Butchered pig in the background

While Arya was having the heated argument with Sansa, we could see that she was standing in front of a butchered pig and it reminded us of Mycah from the first season. Mycah was the butcher’s son and he was Arya’s good friend and the Hound murdered him because Sansa took Joffrey‘s side and refused to tell the truth.

During the scene, Arya told Sansa, “I didn’t betray our entire family for my beloved Joffrey,” and it’s possible that she was also thinking about Mycah during this scene.

4. Jorah kills the zombie Polar Bear with a Dragonglass weapon

The main reason Jon Snow went to Dragonstone was to meet Daenerys and convince her to let him mine the Dragonglass and on Tyrion’s advice, Daenerys gave Jon the permission to mine it. We hardly got to see Jon’s men mining it but in the previous episode when Gendry met Jon, we saw that the work was going on inside the cave and while leaving, Jorah and others kept boxes filled with Dragonglass in the boats.

In the latest episode we got to see that Jon’s trip South helped them immensely as they were carrying weapons made out of Dragonglass and when the Wight Polar Bear attacked them, it was getting difficult for everyone to kill it. Beric set it on fire and Tormund attacked it with an axe, but the bear kept on attacking them. It finally fell down when Jorah stabbed it with a Dragonglass dagger.

That’s not the only Dragonglass weapon they were using. We saw Tormund using a Dragonglass axe while fighting against the Wights.

5. Daenerys’ matching dress

The moment Daenerys received the message that Jon was in trouble, she decided that she was going to fly beyond the Wall with all her Dragons to save everyone and she even paused for a moment to select some matching clothes for the occasion. Daenerys was wearing a White dress with shades of gold and black on it. The choice of colours was interesting as her now dead Dragon, Viserion had cream and gold coloured scales.

6. Parallel with the Battle of the Bastards scene

During the latest episode, Jon Snow paused for a moment while fighting against the Wights and he realized that there was no chance of survival and we could hear a slow and sad score playing in the background.

This reminded me of the Battle of the Bastards scene where Jon was stuck in a stampede and for a moment it felt as if the battle was lost and he was going to die. There seemed to be no chance of survival and a slow, sad track played in the background.

In both the cases, Jon received help from unexpected sources, which helped him survive. During the Battle of the Bastards, the army of the Vale arrived just in time to crush the enemy forces and Jon Snow was saved, while in the latest episode, Daenerys and her Dragons arrived at the last moment and it gave Jon Snow a chance of survival and he did survive in the end.

7. Sansa found Walder Frey’s face

After the huge argument between Sansa and Arya, Sansa sneaked into Arya’s room to find the letter that could threaten her position as the leader of the North and she noticed Arya’s bag. When she opened the bag, she found two masks in it and one of the masks seemed familiar, as it belonged to Walder Frey, who Arya killed during season 6 finale.

8. Longclaw’s eyes

While fighting against the Wights, Jon Snow was tackled by some of them and he fell into the icy lake and Daenerys had no option other than running away, as the Night King was about to throw a spear in their direction. Jon somehow managed to come out of the lake and that’s when something interesting happened. We got to see a closeup of Longclaw and just as Jon came out of the water, the sword seemed to open its eyes.

This created a lot of confusion among the fans as many believed that Longclaw actually opened its eyes and I even wrote about it and also mentioned why I felt that it wasn’t true.

By now, many fans might’ve come across this piece of information but there might be few who are still not aware of this detail and that’s why I am including it in the article.

9. Last time we heard the name Dany, Viserys died

Jon did something unexpected once he woke up and saw Daenerys in his cabin. He called her “Dany“, a name that hasn’t been used in the show since the first season. Here’s how the conversation happened.

Thank you, Dany,” said Jon.

A surprised Daenerys replied, “Dany? Who was the last person who called me that? I’m not sure, was it my brother? Hmm. Not the company you want to keep.

Daenerys was right about the last person calling her Dany but it appears that she doesn’t remember her brother’s final words. Just before Viserys was killed by Khal Drogo by pouring molten Gold on his head, he screamed, “Dany please.

What are your thoughts about these deails and if you have more details that we didn’t include, do let us know in the comments section.

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