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7 details you might have missed in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 6: Blood of my Blood



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Game of Thrones season 6 episode 7, Blood of my Blood began on a high note when we got to witness some amazing visions. We saw the Mad King for the first time and also saw Jaime Lannister slaying him. We also saw a dragon flying over King’s Landing and it might be a vision from the future. Other events in the vision included a possible scene between Ned and Lyanna Stark and a warning of what might happen in King’s Landing in the future. That wasn’t the only exciting part in the episode. We finally got to see Benjen Stark after season 1. Benjen Stark revealed what had happened to him and gave us some vital information about the White Walkers and how to prevent a person from turning into a Wight.

We visited Horn Hill for the first time, where we met Samwell Tarly’s repulsive father and saw Gilly’s wonderful makeover. Meanwhile in King’s Landing, the High Sparrow turned the tables in his favour by bringing Tommen to his side. In Essos, Arya refused to carry out the task given to her by Jaqen and she seems to be in big trouble now, while Daenerys gave another speech, this time while sitting on Drogon, who has grown a lot since the last time we saw him. Following are some of the details that you might have missed from the episode:

1. Margaery is still on her A-game:

Marge may be convincing at seeming completely faultless and reformed, and on the side of the righteous High Sparrow. But very few noticed the slight smirk she gave when she sees Jaime and the might of the Tyrell army come to rescue her. She is still her grandmother’s granddaughter and will continue to play the game, even if under the High Sparrow’s shadows.

2. Tommen’s Kingsguard have changed:

The new uniforms of the Kingsguard around Tommen have a sigil imprinted on them that a cross between the Faith’s Seven-pointed star and the Royal crown. This clearly shows that the High Sparrow has Tommen completely in his grasp. Will it be long before his mother’s curse comes true and he joins his dead siblings?

3. Gilly’s claim of Sam the Slayer is completely ignored:

The very fact that Dickon Tarly chooses to brush off Gilly’s statement about the White Walkers as a farce, and Randyll Tarly’s complete obliviousness towards the matter shows that the south has no care for what’s happening beyond the Wall. According to them the game of thrones is only being played by mere mortals. We also see that while leaving Horn Hill, Sam takes with him Heartsbane, which is the Valyrian sword that belongs to House Tarly. We know how important a Valyrian sword is when you are fighting against the White Walkers.

4. The play within the play was a masterpiece of parallelism:

The play displays the events in Westeros in a satirical light, and yet, the viewer sees their effect very clearly for the first time on Arya. When Arya is questioned by Lady Crane about what she thought of the play, Arya almost sympathises with the real Cersei saying that she would not sit around and mope all day, she would get angry, she would want to take revenge. In a way, she realises that she felt the same way about her family being taken away from her too, and thus recognises the same feeling in Cersei. Also, the actor who played Joffrey’s role in the play said the following line: “The Lion and the Rose are one.” It is important to note that episode in which Joffrey died was titled “The Lion and the Rose.”

5. Arya has made her choice:

When Lady Crane asks Arya if she likes to pretend acting as other people, the literal translation could mean that whether she actually wants to become a Faceless Man. Arya makes her choice when she simply responds with a seemingly off-topic reply,”..I have to go, my father is waiting for me.” It looks like she might be going back to Westeros sooner than we think. After defeating the Waif, that is.

6. Bran’s vision:

The vision was filled with spectacular imagery from the past and possibly from the future. There are shadows of dragons flying over King’s Landing, a brief image of Drogon flying against a stormy sky, images of Ned, Robb and Catelyn dying, a young Ned and what possibly looks like him lying next to a dying Lyanna Stark, White Walkers, Children of the Forest, White walker babies, more White Walkers, Hardhome, and finally the Mad King Aerys and his death at the hand of Jaime Lannister. The delivery of his line, “BURN THEM ALL!” was epic, but there was another instance that was peculiar. The wildfire. There were scenes of a wildfire explosion in crypts that does not seem to have happened anytime in the past. Is it a scene from the future? Is King’s Landing going to be ‘laid low’ with the coming of the dragons or is Cersei planning to do something big to take down the High Sparrow?

7. We might get to see another Stark

The last time we saw Walder Frey, many Starks were slaughtered during the Red Wedding. It was a tragic scene and now we get to see him struggling to take control over Riverrun because of his incompetent sons. While his sons explain why they lost Riverrun, they mention the Brotherhood without Banners. Here’s where the interesting part comes. In the books, the Brotherhood without Banners find the dead body of Catelyn Stark after the Red Wedding and Beric Dondarrion resurrects Catelyn Stark, who then assumes the name of Lady Stoneheart. It’s possible that we will finally get to see her in this season.

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