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2018 Emmys: George R. R. Martin says Game of Thrones could’ve lasted 13 seasons



2018-emmys-george-r-r-martin-says-game-of-thrones-couldve-lasted-13-seasons-2539560 September 18th, 7:15am September 18th, 7:15am Rahul JadhavFounder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.

It’s Emmys time and we got to see a number of Game Of Thrones stars on the Emmys Red Carpet and they were joined by George R. R. Martin who revealed that he wanted the show to last for more than 8 seasons and it was the showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss who made sure that the show didn’t go past 8 seasons.


We are sure that the showrunners are going to receive lot of angry reactions tonight as the fans don’t want the show to end and now we know that even George R. R. Martin feels the same. Speaking with Variety, Martin was asked why the show was ending and he replied, “I don’t know, ask David and Dan when they come through. We could have gone to 11, 12, 13 seasons. But I guess they wanted a life.” Take a look at the video below.

Martin further added, “If you’ve read my novels, you know there was enough material for more seasons. David and Dan have been saying for five years that seven seasons was all they would go. We got them to go to eight but not any more than that,” Martin said. “There was a period five years ago where they were saying seven seasons and I was saying 10, and they won.

However, fans don’t need to worry as we will still get to see Westeros even after Game Of Thrones ends. George also spoke about the prequels. “We have five prequels in development that are based on other periods of Westeros. Some of them just 100 years before Game of Thrones, some of them 5000 years before Game of Thrones.

What do you think about George R. R. Martin’s comments and do you agree with the decision taken by the showrunners to end the show after the 8th season? Let us know in the comments section below.

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