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You can soon read A Song of Ice and Fire book series in 47 languages



Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series, ever, and the series of books on which it it based, A Song of Ice and Fire, is no less. Author George R. R. Martin has recently been actively posting on hisNot A Blog, and the latest post announces a new achievement for him, and his series. He announced that aftersigning contracts with TEAS Press, A Song of Ice and Fire will be available in its 47th language : Azerbaijani.

George also talked about the quality of previous translations, which had faced a few issues. He said, in a comment :

“The French translator, for instance, rendered “direwolf” as loup garou, which I am told actually means werewolf. It is always nice when the fans tell me that I got a good translation. If that happens often enough, I try to make sure we get the same translator for subsequent books.”

He also pondered about how many languages there were, in his main post, saying :

“Makes me wonder how many living languages we have on the planet at the moment. Not counting Klingon and Dothraki and other fictional tongues.”

Replying to an Indian fan who talked about how the country had over 30 active languages, George said :

“My books are widely read in India, I am told, but in English. Mainly the UK editions, I believe. Hindi is probably the biggest language that Ice & Fire has not yet appeared in.”

A fan asked him if he would consider doing a Reddit AMA, too. George’s reply was what we had expected :

“Maybe when WINDS is finished, delivered, and about to be published. Not before.”

Nice to see that George is focussing on The Winds of Winter for now. Although a reddit AMA would be cool, we just know that he will get bombarded with questions about the then next, and last book of the series, A Dream of Spring.

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