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Watch this wonderful Game of Thrones fanfilm about two Northerners on their way to attend the Red Wedding



Game of Thrones fan-made films are pretty popular these days as they try to capture things from the book series that the show hasn’t incorporated. And more often than not, these fan-made films are quite amazingly created. The newest addition to this brigade is a German language fan film by YouTuberParaLight WorX, titled,A Northern Story. The film, although in German, has English subtitles, and narrates the story of a couple of Stark loyalists—Toryn Manderly and Wendrik Cassel—on their way to the Twins to witness the marriage of Lord Edmure Tully to one of Old Walder Frey’s daughters.

The conflict is that they’re late, and have no idea that the Freys and Boltons turned on their King and slaughtered his army. The film is directed by Ludwig Bachmann, and Jonathan Williams, who also wrote it, and takes us through the interesting journey of these two characters, and how they react at the slaughter of the Red Wedding.

Check out the brilliant short-film below: