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Watch John Bradley (Samwell) shine in his new comedy short film, Roger



Game of Thrones has a ton of great actors, and while the show isn’t really one with a lot of comedy, unless you find beheadings funny. However, the actors themselves dabble in comedy projects every now and then, and the latest one is John Bradley, who plays the role of Samwell Tarly on the show, and he does have some funny lines. He recently made a short film titled Roger, and it’s quite a fun watch. Read on!

Roger is a short film directed by Brendan Cleaves, and was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The movie stars Bradley and comedian Seann Walsh. The official synopsis goes as follows :

“Stephen (Seann Walsh) arrives home after six months in Mongolia to discover his best friend Roy (John Bradley) has replaced him with a ventriloquist’s dummy called Roger.”

Watch the full film, below :

It’s funny in a quirky, off-beat manner, and has been screened at numerous film festivals, and fetched nominations for itself and Bradley both. Cleaves has revealed that this is proof of concept for a full length feature film, so considering the success of this one, we might get to see the movie on the bigger scale sometime soon.

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