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Two Season 7 characters returning and one new character for Game of Thrones Season 8



Game of Thrones is currently filming for Season 8 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and we have been bringing you all the scoops from there. We know Season 8 is supposed to wrap this massive story up, and it seems like the production will do everything right. For now, we have a casting update : two Game of Thrones characters introduced in Season 7 will be returning for Season 8. Read on!

The two characters we are speaking about, are Ned Umber and Alys Karstark. The Ned Umber half of this story actually derives from an exclusive report we had recently posted, where a source of ours spotted Harry Grasby, who plays the role of Ned Umber, at the Belfast airport today and managed to get a picture, confirming that we will see the character back in Season 8.

We will be seeing Alys Karstark back in Season 8, as well. The hint comes from the agency website of actress Megan Parkinson (Alys) : Independent Talent, which says that Parkinson will be playing the character in Season 8, as well. The return of these two characters will align with Jon Snow showing them mercy, which means they will probably show up in battle with Jon and rest of the North, when the Walkers strike.

That’s not it! There’s a report of a brand new character being cast for Season 8. Watchers on the Wall reports that the Lisa Richards agencyhas listed Irish actor Seamus O’Hara to be “currently filming on HBO’s Game of Thrones,” while casting site Spotlight says that he will play a character known as Fergus.

He will work with ‘various’ directors, which means he is likely to appear in more than one episode. We don’t know any Fergus from the books, so guess we’ll have to wait and watch who exactly O’Hara ends up playing. Any guesses about Fergus? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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