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This Game of Thrones Lego intro is absolutely amazing



The Game of Thrones intro is amazing enough in itself and most of us really cannot get enough of it. With all the fan-made versions of the theme song coming out, we’ve seen a lot of variations of it, but this one takes the cake completely. We all love Lego, and we also love the kind of cool stuff that comes from it, and the Game of Thrones theme song is one of them.

The original opening credits of the show contain a great presentation of the locations in the Game of Thrones world, and this Lego rendition of it shows us the newly recreated version of it that gives a brick touch to it all. It’s amazing to watch how Lego makes the theme song look all the more interesting to watch, and if there was ever a chance that the entire show was made in Lego, we’d all be pretty grateful.

Check out the cool video below: