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This elaborate fan-made Targaryen family-tree explains the most complicated Game of Thrones dynasty

There are normal fans, and then there are fans whose lives are invested in Game of Thrones so much that they end up making fabulous fan-art that leaves people surprised for days. Game of Thrones has an extensive list of characters and families, most of which haven’t even appeared on the show as yet. Based on the books, you could end up thinking that this fictional universe might be a real one seeing the kind of history it has. There are complicated families in the world created by George RR Martin, and to help us mere mortals get familiar with one of the families, a fan named Maryon created a Targaryen family tree, with the entire dynasty mentioned in detail. And let me tell you, it’s probably one of the most complicated things ever. The Targaryen family has a huge history behind it, what with it being the pillar that held Westeros together at one point, until the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen messed up everything.

We know a little bit about Daenerys’s ancestry, but if you want to know in detail, we’ve got a whole detailed family tree for you. The fan who made this, wrote:It got me interested in their ancestors, so I worked from there. At first I never thought I’d do the whole bunch, but it’s when I realized that I was already halfway through just by making Maekar’s descendants that I gave in: “While I’m at it, might as well do the rest…”

It seems that an awful lot of work went into this detailed family-tree, and Maryon, who wasn’t a very big Targaryen fan when she began, has now started to appreciate the complex family more. Check out the elaborate family-tree below:

You can check out more of Maryon’s Game of Thrones art here.

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