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These photos are enough to prove that Longclaw didn't actually open it's eyes



Ever since the latest Game Of Thrones episode, Beyond the Wall aired, fans have been debating about Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw. While watching the episode, one keen-eyed fan noticed that in the scene where Jon Snow comes out of the frozen lake, Longclaw appears to have opened its eyes. This made the fans go crazy and people started discussing the sword being alive and some sites even circulated theories that Bran Stark warged into Longclaw and that’s how he knew that Jon was in trouble.

I have already written about this scene and explained why it’s not possible that the sword actually opened its eyes. However, just explaining isn’t enough and I made sure that I watched the scene again to find some clues that could prove what I wrote in the previous article and I am back with compelling evidence that shows us that Longclaw didn’t actually open its eyes and it appeared like that because of light reflecting on the surface of the eyes, which are made of crystals. Take a look at these photos below:

If you look carefully, in all the 3 photos, you will realize that the effect of the sword opening it’s eyes has been created just by the reflection of light on the crystals. The before and after screenshots in the above photos were taken less than a second apart from each other and you can see that even slight change in the angle of the sword results in the change in colour of the eyes.

There’s nothing more to the scene than this and this is more than enough to prove that Bran Stark didn’t warg inside the sword. The main idea about Bran warging into Longclaw was wrong as the sword is an inanimate object and Bran can warg only into living things. Also, the sword is already a Valyrian steel sword, that’s capable of killing White Walkers on it’s own and it’s doesn’t require someone warging into it or it awakening to give it more strength.

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