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The best & worst moments from “The Queen’s Justice”



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August 2nd, 9:23pm August 2nd, 9:23pm Vanessa CateVanessa Cate is a writer and editor for Stage Raw and @THISSTAGE magazine. She is the founder and artistic director of True Focus Theater and fantasy performance group Cabaret le Fey. She is also a diehard geek and fantasy lover.


7. Euron’s victory parade.

Euron Greyjoy rides into King’s Landing and the Iron Throne Room on the back of a horse with Ellaria & Tyene Sand chained together and Yara Greyjoy on a leash. The crowd cheers unrelentingly. This is his moment in the spotlight. He rides up to Queen Cersei like a badass, then proceeds to push all of Jaime’s buttons. And he loves the hell out of all of it.

6. Jon sees dragons for the first time.

I’m not a Stark,” says Jon, literally right before a giant dragon swoops over his head. The timing was perfect, and considering the Targaryen blood in his veins – which he still knows nothing about – the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

5. Tyrion’s got his groove back.

Tyrion has been depressed for a few seasons, but the imp is back to his old charismatic word play at last. He offered a host of great lines in this episode.

4. Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen finally meet.

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The King of the North and the Mother of Dragons at last come face to face. Though the reception isn’t entirely warm, these two on screen felt exciting together. Audiences loved having “ice and fire” in the same room.

3. Introductions.

Daenerys’ epicly long name and titles have been the source of memes and jokes for a while. After Jon and Ser Davos enter the throne room of Dragonstone, Missande nails her intro. Jon looks awkwardly at Davos. “This is Jon Snow,” he says awkwardly. “He’s King in the North.

2. Queen Cersei’s justice.

Euron made good on his promise and gifted Cersei with Ellaria and Tyene Sand. The Queen is pleased, and deliciously tortures them. This scene boasted the best writing and acting in the episode.

1. Lady Olenna’s epic mic drop.

The Queen of Thorns goes out with a bang. After calmly accepting the fate of her house, she guzzles the poisoned wine Jaime Lannister gives her. She’ll die painlessly, but not – she decided – before she tells Jaime exactly how she killed his “cunt” of a son, Joffrey. Even in her death scene, Lady Olenna totally wins. Now Jaime can take that bit of info back to Cersei.


5. The Battle at Casterly Rock.

Overlaying the battle with Tyrion’s narration, along with his clever use of sewer tunnels, wasn’t bad. The scene, however, was visually unimpressive: Lannister army men looking over the sea were clearly looking at a green screen. The Unsullied have lost their edge as fighters. And most unbelievably, Tyrion, who is known for his intelligence, was outsmarted by his siblings.

4. Sansa tells everyone how to do their job.

No one in Winterfell has ever thought about food supply through Winter, I guess. Even though Winter, and how it’s coming, is kind of their thing. Additionally, armorers apparently need to be schooled on how to make armor by a girl who has never worn any in her life. Oh, you sweet summer child…

3. Jon and Dany won’t listen to each other.

It’s frustrating that two characters we’ve been watching for so long simply refuse to hear each other out. We all know how much both have gone through, and how important it is for them to work together, but they’re both so full of pride it’s not clear how easy an alliance will be between them. Plus, why the weird secrecy about Jon’s resurrection? And can’t we come out with Jon being a Targaryen already?

2. Bran’s homecoming is underwhelming and super awkward.

When someone told Sansa there was a visitor at the gate, I thought it might be Arya. It was a bit disappointing when it turned out to be Bran instead. Still, we all love Stark reunions. However, Bran has somehow lost his ability to function across from another person. When she wants to catch up with her long-lost brother, he tells her he’s the Three-Eyed Raven and says she was beautiful on the night she was raped. Not cool, Bran.

1. Jorah is miraculously cured.

Jorah’s greyscale healed completely, literally overnight. Not only is that suspiciously improbable, but completely anticlimactic. What worse – Sam once again receives no worse punishment for his disregard for the rules than having to copy some damaged scrolls. Which, to be honest, seems like an improvement.

What were your favorite moments from “The Queen’s Justice”? What were your least favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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