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Tension between Jon and Sansa starts right from the first scene of Game of Thrones Season 7, says Kit Harington



Game of Thrones Season 6 had a lot of high pressure moments, and one of the biggest spectacles of the show was the Battle of the Bastards, and the consequences of the same. As you might remember, Jon Snow managed to overpower the psychopathic big bad of Season 6, Ramsay Bolton, and take backWinterfell,upon which he was named the King in the North. While there’s no doubt that Jon is one of the most heroic characters on the show, there is one slight issue, and that is that Sansa Stark is the one who actually was responsible for the win. She gathered support from Knights of the Vale, through Littlefinger, and the look she shared with him at the end of the season as she saw Jon being given the credit she thinks she’s more deserving of, will apparently set the pace of the relationship between Sansa and Jon in the upcoming season. Kit Harington, who plays the role of Jon Snow, was quoted saying that there is tension between the two, right from the first scene of Season 7. Read on!

Now, it has been teased many a times, especially by Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, that Sansa is not happy about being sidelined in the aftermath of Battle of the Bastards. Now, speaking toEntertainment Weekly(obviously), Kit Harington revealed that the tension will be higher than we have been expecting. Kit said :

“There is definite tension between them right from the first scene. There are the same problems — she questions his decisions and command; he doesn’t listen to her. But as far as where that goes or takes them or how dark it can get, we’ll see. It gets past sibling squabbling, it gets into two people power struggling.”

Now, we’re expecting the return of the rest of the Starks to help ease things up a bit, along with the fact that the long night is here, and as Ser Davos said in the Season 7 trailer, if they don’t put aside their enimities, it won’t matter whose skeleton will sit on the Iron Throne (already our favourite dialogue of the season.)

Now, we’ve seen in the trailers that Littlefinger, a.k.a. Petyr Baelish, isn’t on Jon Snow’s good side, and that might have to do something with his constant brainwashing of Sansa, but we’re sure that Sansa will see more clearly this time around, and not let Littlefinger get to her.


Talking about his own character, Kit Harington said:

“It’s a nice change for me this season, he talks more, he’s more sure of himself. He doesn’t just know what he’s got to do but he’s more sure of what he’s saying — whereas before there was always some fear and doubt. I’ve gotten to enjoy not just grunting.”

Well, looks like somebody woke the dragon! Now, we know Season 7 will be more focused on a lesser number of characters, and that it will be faster, as well as different. Kit spoke about the same thing :

“Everyone gets a bigger slice of the pie. Everybody is left is left with more stuff to do. This season is really different than any other season because of the fewer episodes and everything accelerating toward the end. A lot of stuff collides and happens much much quicker than you’re used to seeing on Thrones — it was a plodding slow machine and it’s now turning into a thriller. It’s quite exciting how it ramps up speeds up toward a dangerous climax.”

Kit was also asked about the prequels to Game of Thrones that are under development. He said :

“I think that makes a lot of sense start with a new set of characters. There’s so much scope for this story that’s been going for thousands of years. I’m happy to step away from Jon Snow, though I’m still interested in TV.”

After a long time of playing the brooding Jon Snow, we sure would love to see Kit Harington in a sitcom. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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