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Take a closer look at “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “The Book of Brothers” from the Game of Thrones finale



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The Game of Thrones finale was packed with a lot of things going down, but there were two very important props that we could have used a better look at – the books! “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “The Book of Brothers” made brief appearances in the finale. Now, thanks to HBO, we have a better look at both the books. Read on!

HBO’s Game of Thrones behind the scenes blog, Making Game of Thrones recently featured both the props, in a batch of photos that give you a good look at them. We saw “A Song of Ice and Fire” shown off to the small council by Samwell Tarly, who reveals that Archmaester Ebrose compiled it, with the title being his own suggestion. Take a better look at it, below:

We had seen The Book of Brothers, also known as “the White Book”, before in the show, and we saw it in the finale, with Brienne filling in the pages for Jaime Lannister. Take a better look at it, below:

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