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Study says Game of Thrones is the most binge-able show ever



If you’re reading this right now, and you have been following us for a while, you will pretty much wholeheartedly agree with the title without a second thought. All of us here know that Game of Thrones is a great show to binge on, and with the gaps between seasons increasing since Season 6, our binge sessions have hit new levels. We know we will spend 2018 binging seven seasons of Game of Thrones, but now we have some proof about the show being really easy to bingewatch. Read on!

In a recent study conducted by OnePoll, reports Independent, 2,000 adults gave their opinion on TV series, and which one are the most binge-able, and Game of Thrones was voted as the most binge-able TV show among all! The top five actually are no surprise : Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Downtown Abbey, The Walking Dead and Sopranos.

The reasons why these shows are bingeable weren’t touched upon in the study, but certain other insights were given. For example, one in five adults said that they watch more TV shows now than they did five years ago, and the same percentage of adults admitted to having a ‘box set binge’ more often, as well. Yet another stat where Game of Thrones won was when the subjects were asked which show’s return they were most excited about; a no-brainer there.

The study was commissioned by Samsung UK to promote their QLED televisions. Steve Mitchell, Head of TV Product Management at Samsung UK, commented on how the television scene has changed in the recent years :

“We’ve seen over the last few years that there has been a radical change in how people watch TV and their favourite programmes.

Whether through box sets or streaming, we all have an opportunity to watch whatever content we want at a time that’s convenient for us.”

Which shows apart from Game of Thrones do you like to bingewatch? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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