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“It’s pretty much the war,” says Steve Toussaint on House of the Dragon Season 2




Spoilers for House of the Dragon season 1 ahead!

Luceys Velaryon’s death in the season finale of House of the Dragon shocked audiences across the globe, and Steve Toussaint thinks it would rightfully devastate Corlys Velaryon too. The actor discussed how Lucerys’s death would impact his character with Entertainment Weekly at the first official Game of Thrones Convention.

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“I think he’d be devastated. I think it would unleash a certain rage in him,” he said. “Somebody mentioned this to me today, and I hadn’t thought about it: the scene in episode 5 when I say to little Luke, your brother’s gonna be king, but you get to do all this. And he says, I don’t want it because if I do it, then someone’s dead. And that, I think, will resonate with Corlys when he thinks about that boy being dead.”

The actor empathized with his on-screen grandson’s tragic fate. He explained, “[Luke] didn’t really want to be in this, and through the machinations of others, he’s now dead. I haven’t seen scripts for season 2 yet, but I’m hoping that will be addressed because that’s his grandchild.” Toussaint also shed light on season 2, “My understanding of what season 2 is, is pretty much it’s the war. Now, I may be wrong ’cause I haven’t seen [the scripts], but that’s the thing. Are we right to go into war? Am I on the right side? Well, I think Corlys is the kind of person who is like, there is a rule of law.”

Toussaint is sure that though Corlys was unsure of being on Rhaenyra’s side in the beginning, he is at least sure of the fact that he will not stand with the Greens. “There is a way we do things, and it has been transgressed by the Greens. He’s forthright in his belief. So it’s about that, about being comfortable in your certainty,” he said. “Once he sets his mind to something, he doesn’t really suffer from doubt. It’s black, or it’s white. It’s right, or it’s wrong. I think that’s who he is.”

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