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Star Trek : Discovery showrunner says Game of Thrones inspired the show



Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon, and it has changed the face of television. One of the heroes of the golden era of television, it has helped changed the facade of the platform, and hence it is no surprise that every new show wants to be like it. To be able to duplicate that level of success will be profitable, of course, and we recently heard that Amazon could be trying its luck at the same. In the meantime, Star Trek : Discovery showrunnerAaron Harberts has revealed that Game of Thrones has been an inspiration to the way they run the show. Read on!

Speaking to Digital Spy, he explained :

“Our goal for Star Trek was to create not just something that fans loved, but that it was something that other people who thought they didn’t like Star Trek would jump into, and the only thing I could draw from was Game of Thrones,”

He continued :

“It’s very much inspired by that, the goal to look for a cliffhanger, be it an emotional cliffhanger or a plot cliffhanger. I think we have more hope than Game of Thrones, because it’s very bleak, but yes, it has always been our goal.”

He also said that he isn’t really a fantasy fan, and talked about how exciting it was to do television :

“We have 15 hours to explore these characters, I haven’t done a job where I’ve done 15 hours of TV, it’s an incredible amount of work that we’ve done over 10 months, that really excited me.

But I didn’t get to choose, I just auditioned and they chose me, it wasn’t me going, ‘You know what, I’ll do Star Trek next’.”

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Seems like Star Trek : Discovery is a show to watch out for. Have any of you checked it out? Tell us in the comments, down below!


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