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Sophie Turner talks about a new Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones Season 7



Game of Thrones is all set to make a giant comeback with the premiere of Season 7, the biggest ever, on 16th of July. With a little over two weeks of wait left to go, things are now heating up, and the hype is practically oozing out. While there are a lot of storylines to keep track of, there are a few that fans will need to pay more attention than to other ones, mostly because these are either characters making a dramatic return (flaming swords, obviously) right down to characters that are likely to see some major changes going forward. One such character to watch out for, is Sansa Stark. Sophie Turner, who plays the role of Sansa, recently talked about her character’s Season 7 angle, and more. Read on!

In a new interview with, Sophie Turner talked a bit about Sansa’s Season 7. Once again, she chose to highlight the fact that Sansa isn’t that happy with Jon being named King in the North. She said :

“She definitely feels left out. There’s a little bit of jealousy there. She feels like she deserves the title of Queen in the North…
All she wants is the respect of her brother, and she feels like she’s not getting that. Fair enough!”

She went on to tease some more, saying :

“She’s very strong and steely this season. She’s in it for herself. Whether that means going a bit dark… you’ll have to see.”

She has said similar things in quite a few interviews She was also asked an important question that we all have on our minds right now : Might Hodor make an icy comeback? Sophie said that “anything can happen,” while speaking about his return. She continued :

“I’d love to have [actor] Kristian [Nairn] back, but Hodor as a white Walker might be slightly terrifying.”

So there you have it, guys! Sansa wants to be the Queen in the North, and Hodor might come back as a White Walker. What do you think about that? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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