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Sophie Turner reveals the souvenir she kept from Game of Thrones



October 16th, 2:18am October 16th, 2:18am Abhinav Pathak22, Game of Thrones geek, Passionate Fiction Writer and the author of ‘Gopalkant’s Wife’.

The filming of the final season of Game of Thrones ended back in July and all cast members have revealed what it was like being on the set, the last day. Peter Dinklage found it hard to say a goodbye to the show. Same is the case with the other cast members like Sophie Turner who took a prop from the show, which will be reminiscent to her playing the role of Sansa Stark. Read on.

Turner recently revealed at the New York Comic Con, which particular prop she is taking from Game of Thrones in a panel moderated by the Entertainment Weekly. And, it wasn’t the Iron Throne, her wig, nor Arya Stark’s dagger but a corset worn by her character. Well, she isn’t only the one taking a prop. Turner revealed that her co-stars Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) both took home their swords with them.

Previously, Turner had revealed that Maisie even the kept brown jacket she was wearing in the second half of the seventh season. And, we all are familiar with the cost of production of each episode of the series – ranging from set pieces to attires. I think the team is too appeased with Maisie’s performance in the final season. If not, what’s the point of giving away such costly souvenirs rather than exhibiting them, just like HBO has planned for the set locations?

Moreover, previously Sophie also talked about the secrecy that Game of Thrones is maintaining for the new season at the New York Comic Con. According to her,

“The secrecy is crazy…We have a whole different name for [the season] when we’re shooting it. I think this season it was like the Tree of Life or something.”

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