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Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion) talks about Game of Thrones leaks: “I suppose they even leak stuff on purpose”



Game of Thrones gets better every year especially by improving their CGI and the amount of hard work they put on every season. Cheers to the fact that this time they’ve got an insane CGI budget of around $10 Million on each episode which has been confirmed to be over 60-minutes-long by the director David Nutter himself. And, we also know that Ghost is coming back – the biggest evidence to this fact!

But, this isn’t only the challenge for the team to face as leaks are the bigger deal. This was exactly what happened the last year which is why HBO has employed adequate security measures like drone killers this time. But, the actor who plays Beric Dondarrion on the show – Richard Dormer has an entirely different story to narrate.

Richard sat down with Sky News to discuss the new season of his hit science fiction drama Fortitude. He refused to spill the beans on Game of Thrones Season 8, mocking “I can’t tell you anything…No, they’d kill me.” Although the actor didn’t have or wasn’t allowed to speak on Season 8 yet he did say that he found the leaks to be annoying as according to him:

“We want fans to see it on screen and go, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe it’”.

“You don’t want it to be spoiled. You want it to be a piece of entertainment, constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat.”

Fortitude and #GameOfThrones actor Richard Dormer talks to Sky News about working on the two hit shows.

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— Sky News (@SkyNews) December 6, 2018

However, surprisingly for us, Richard set ablaze his sword by saying that the leaks that surface on the internet are actually good for the show and some of are done on purpose. He said:

‘It gets people talking. Sometimes I suppose they even leak stuff on purpose. I don’t know but it’s all good for the show.”

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Game of Thrones Season 8 airs in April 2019 whose first official teaser called ‘Dragonstone’ has already been released. What were your thoughts on Richard’s take on the leaks? Talk to us in the comments section down below.


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