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Not doing big franchise projects anytime soon post Game of Thrones, says Emilia Clarke



Game of Thrones was a long project for the cast and crew, so it’s understandable that they need a break at the end of this decade long run. While some stars are moving from one big franchise to the other, like Kit Harington joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Emilia Clarke recently said that she is leaning more towards indie projects. Read on!

Emilia recently spoke to IndieWire about her new film, Last Christmas, and her future plans after Game of Thrones. We’ve also seen in her in Terminator Genisys, and Solo: A Star Wars Story, both big franchise projects, and Emilia now wants something different:

“For 10 years, I was either on ‘Game of Thrones’ or I was doing a different movie, and if I wasn’t doing a different movie, I was promoting a different movie or I was promoting ‘Game of Thrones.’

Now I just want to be able to do a project and to put all of my energy just into that, as opposed to trying to make myself into seven different people to do seven different kind of things at once.”

She was asked if we’ll be seeing her in any big franchise projects in the near future. Emilia replied:

“Not any time soon. I’m really actively looking for indies. Those are the things I’m making, as well. And those are the movies I watch.”

When asked what the motivation was for this decision to pursue smaller projects, Emilia said:

“In light of all of it, ‘Game of Thrones,’ brain hemorrhages, losing my dad, the success of the show, dealing with fame, taking all of those things into consideration, that’s definitely left me going, ‘Oh, ohhhh, I’m going to take my shoes off and my bra off.’”

She also noted that she’s a lot more choosy about her projects these days:

“In the beginning, I took everything that anyone offered to me, because why not? I kept thinking that my good luck was going to run out. With the end of the show, I’m looking at things in a very different light and I now see the importance of my own time and I now respect and value that a little bit more. I want to do that a service. I’m going to be pretty careful about the next things that I do.”

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