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New video shows Unsullied and Dothraki marching together



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Game of Thrones is currently very busy at filming the final season of the show, and since the big battle scene wrapped up after a long filming schedule spanning across three sets, the last of which was on the Magheramorne Quarry set. Since then, future filming plans have been revealed for a few locations, including the Dragonpit set at Italica, Seville, Spain. Another one is the King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios, Belfast, where the rest of the action is expected to go down, and today we have some activity from this set. Read on!

As you know, the set is giant, and it isn’t really possible for HBO to hide what is going on in there, so expect a lot of leaks from this one. To begin with, today, we have a video. It was originally posted by Instagram user, yoons28, and then deleted. However it was re-uploaded to YouTube. Check it out, below:

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Now, what we can see in here is a horde of extras dressed as Unsullied and Dothraki soldiers. The Unsullied are being marched into what is probably the filming area, and the Dothrakis seem to be waiting for their turn. Now, we know that the previous battle sequences involving the two armies was the big clash up north, likely involving White Walkers, and what follows is likely to go down at King’s Landing. This is a confirmation that at least some of these two armies survive that battle.

Now, as far as what will go down with them at King’s Landing, our guess is as good as yours. So, hit us up with your theories, in the comments, down below!


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