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New fan theory talks about how Sansa Stark might be manipulating Littlefinger



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August 3rd, 6:53pm August 3rd, 6:53pm Nidhi Goswami20-year- old unpopular writer with mad fangirl skills.

Sansa Stark has a history of shocking reveals which have built her character in the most impressive of ways, and no one would be surprised if she were to pull something phenomenal this season after everything she’s seen throughout her run on the series. The characters along with the viewers have often underestimated Sansa and ended up surprised later on. Given her massive development in season 6 after she was tormented by Ramsay, and brought the army of the Vale to the Battle of the Bastards, she’s also managed to have Petyr Baelish wrapped around her little finger. Since the start of season 7, although it seems like Sansa is playing right into Littlefinger’s hands, there’s a chance that she might be the one manipulating him. According to this Redditor’s extremely plausible theory, Sansa Stark might have become the master of the game.

In one of the initial episodes, Sansa talks to Brienne about Littlefinger still having control of the Vale and it’s army, which the North required last season and will possibly require this time as well. If we are to go by this theory, Sansa’s next well-planned move would be to marry him and kill him in order to take control of the Vale. Littlefinger has been quite an annoyance this season since we don’t know exactly what purpose he’s serving to the plot at the moment. His unsolicited advice to Sansa, which went something like this: Fight every battle, everywhere, always. In your mind, might be a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Sansa is no stranger to Baelish’s manipulative ways of getting what he wants. She’s seen more manipulating characters on Game of Thrones than anyone. Suffice it to say that Sansa knows what she’s dealing with. This theory turned into a thread, one of the comments of which included:

That’s why I think Sansa has been speaking out against Jon in public, to make Petyr think there’s a rift between herself and Jon. Sansa’s manipulating Baelish.

If this is to be believed, Littlefinger could really be in for some trouble. Now let’s add some fuel to the fire. When he found out that the late Maester Luwin kept extensive records of every raven scroll that arrived to Winterfell, Littlefinger was obviously under a bit of stress. The Redditor says that this is of course because of the fact that back in season 1 Catelyn Stark received a letter from her sister Lysa Arryn about Jon Arryn’s death. It was later revealed that Littlefinger had manipulated Lysa into sending this letter that spoke of how the Lannisters had murdered Jon Arryn. Everything that happened after this event led to the separation of the Stark family and the death of most of it’s members. However, it is important to note the a rider had brought the letter, which Catelyn burned immediately but who knows, Maester Luwin might have kept a record of it.

In any case, if Sansa were to put two and two together, or if the much awaited arrival of Arya was to put things into perspective, Littlefinger’s fate does not look good anymore. Another Redditor gave impetus to this theory by stating a prophecy from the books, which goes like this:

I dreamt of a maid at a feast with purple serpents in her hair, venom dripping from their fangs. And later I dreamt that maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow.”

The purple serpents with venom connects to Sansa’s unwitting involvement in Joffrey’s murder, which was called the Purple Wedding. And the theory goes on to become more and more believable:

I think the castle built of snow is Winterfell, and the giant may be Littlefinger? The family sigil of house Baelish is the Titan of Braavos.

Sansa has been pretty vocal about the fact that she knows how Cersei’s mind works, which is an obvious indication of the fact that she’s learned a lot of manipulation after being manipulated by some of the most masterful players on Game of Thrones. Who doesn’t remember the look on her face after she had Ramsay’s own hounds kill him? Cold-blooded murder is no longer a cause of discomfort to Lady Stark anymore. So if we were to believe that this theory might pan out in season 7, Littlefinger really needs to watch out.

Do you guys think this theory is plausible? Talk about it in the comments below!

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