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Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) says Game of Thrones Season 7 pissed her off



Game of Thrones has had a lot of characters, but ones with the amount of charm, cunning, and cuteness of Margaery Tyrell, are rare. Many fans absolutely loved the character and the actress, Natalie Dormer, and were saddened when Game of Thrones killed her off at the end of Season 6. In a recent interview, Natalie revealed that watching Season 7 pissed her off. Read on!


Now, in case you don’t remember, Margaery, her brother Loras, and their father, all died at the end of Season 6, thanks to Cersei Lannister. The only one that survived, was her grandmother, Lady Olenna. Now as we know, Olenna and Highgarden met with bad fate in Season 7, and apparently Natalie did not like it. Speaking to Mashable recently, Dormer revealed her reaction:

“I was a bit pissed off!”

She spoke specifically about the Season 7 episode, “Queen’s Justice,” which had the Lannister forces obliterate all of the Tyrell army, and ended with Lady Olenna dying:

“Just looking at how gorgeous High Garden was — and when the High Garden soldiers were all dead on the floor I felt, you know, protective. It was so stupid. It was that little bit of Margaery that’s still in the back of my brain.

Men wearing my sigil, lying in a pool of their own blood on the floor. I was like, ‘Who’s done this to my home!?’”

Speaking of Lady Olenna’s death scene, which was a great way to go for her, Natalie said:

“It was a very moving scene. You really feel them revving the gears in [Season 7]. There’s got to be a lot of collateral damage to get to the end of Season 8. So you can kind of smell that it’s coming.”

So could Margaery have saved the Tyrells? Natalie thinks so:

“It would not have happened if Margaery had still been alive.”

What do you guys think? Could Margaery have found a way out of the fate that the Tyrells met with? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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