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Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) was disappointed with Season 7 and 8 of Game of Thrones, explains why ending was controversial




It has been nearly two years since Game of Thrones wrapped up filming. The controversial final season of the show left viewers divided into two groups, one loved and supported it, while there were others who hated it to the extent they demanded a remake. Even the cast seems to be divided on the issue. Some like Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) defend the finale, while others like Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) feel the later seasons were a bit rushed.

Miltos recently talked to Game of Laughs in a live Instagram AMA, and he answered various questions regarding Game of Thrones, including his thoughts about the final season. He replied:

“Um I think I was a bit disappointed with the last two seasons. Season 7 and Season 8, I was disappointed with. I wasn’t really disappointed with how the show ended, I think the show ended exactly as it should do, I thought that Jon going off to the North, Arya going on her amazing adventure, Bran becoming King, even as controversial as it was in the TV show, I think in the books, if that’s what happens in the books, is gonna make a lot more sense, because the one thing that we don’t get a lot of, is to understand who this 3-eyed raven is.”

“It is easier to describe in the books. Because the books allow you to get inside the mind or the experience of someone, without having to write dialogue or exposition. That’s something George R. R. Martin is good at. I think Bran becoming the king will make a lot of sense in the books, if that’s what happens. But just think what happened and what really disappointed the fans is not necessarily what happened in the show, it’s just the fact that it felt like they rushed it. And they rushed it because they didn’t have any source material.”

“Without the source material, it feels like they didn’t have the cojones to really create something out of nothing. How many episodes we have in Season 8? 5,6? There weren’t many, isn’t it? They should have done 10 episodes each season. And that would have given it the right pace.”

“Because remember the pace of the show, it is not just what happens within that 45 minutes, it’s what happens over that space of 10 episodes. The fact that they created those wonderful, surreal twists, towards the end of the series, the penultimate episode, usually the 9th, they do something really devastating, then you’d get the aftermath in the last episode of the season. That kind of momentum, that rhythm is something that’s really important in storytelling. And when they start f*cking around, excuse my language (laughs), it causes the storytelling to start being a bit wonky. And so, whether you liked whether what happened to Dany (Daenerys) or not, you know the change in her character, would have made much more sense if it happened over a longer period of time.”

“It felt so rushed, I think that’s why people were upset about it, because it felt like it came out of nowhere. It didn’t come out of nowhere, there was a lot of potent to that. We’ve talked about the white-haired crazy people all the time, the Targaryens, but it’s how you tell a story, if you rushed the story, Bob Ross, “how dare you”, don’t give me that, I can’t paint by the way, but storytelling is the issue, and it was a crying shame because I think they should’ve taken the risk and fleshed it out, and spent more time and more money. I think people would’ve been less upset about it. But I was disappointed, I have to admit.”

However, he wouldn’t have signed the petition for a remake, unlike Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister). He said:

“No, no. Because it misunderstands something really important, we can have creative differences about how we do things as an artist, and we always do, you know I’ve been a collaborator and directed things, and I know how difficult it is. What David and Dan did was something extraordinary, and we must never ever forget that. They created something remarkable. They did the best that they can do, and there’s a lot about that show that is superb, and we must never forget that, even amongst the stuff that we didn’t like, there was still amazing stuff, like amazing-amazing stuff that we’ll never forget.”

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“So I think it’s a disservice that someone else can remake it. You know, the time has gone, there’s gonna be a new show soon, there may even be a new Arya Stark story soon, you know? Never say never. Maisie Williams is a young person. I can imagine her getting lured back for ten more episodes of something really amazing. I’d be really happy about that. But the idea of remaking season 8, it’s, you know, there’s no point. It is what it is, maybe not make season 8, but make three more episodes to fill in the bits that we missed out.”

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