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Maisie Williams says she thought Arya might kill Sansa after initially reading Game of Thrones season 7 script



Game of Thrones is a complex show. Over the years, we have seen the show kill off a lot of characters, and we have been shocked and awed. Come Season 7, there was one death that marked the whole season, and it was Littlefinger‘s. We saw the great deception that Arya Stark and Sansa Stark carried out to fool Littlefinger out of life, and we enjoyed it to the core. However many of us first thought that Arya would probably kill Sansa, having had her betrayal revealed. Apparently so did Maisie Williams, who plays the role of Arya Stark. Read on!

Now we have seen how far Arya and Sansa have been for a long time, and when they met again in Season 7, there was a tension of sorts between the two. Adding to that, were Littlefinger’s tricks, or so we thought. In a recent interview with Metro, Maisie revealed that she initially fell for the deception. She explained why she thought so when reading the script :

“I did for a minute. I don’t know, but you just read on. You just keep going. You can’t stop. I guess the difference is that when you read the script you don’t get the same suspense, because you can just pick up the next one. There is a little suspense, but it’s not the same.”

She then was immediately reminds of the backlash that that plot point would face:

“I guess for a minute I thought, ‘Maybe’. But then I also thought that would be awful and there would be uproar.”

So now that we know they’re on the same team, we at least won’t have that shocking a revelation in Season 8, but then again, it’s Game of Thrones, so who knows? What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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