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Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner struggled to stay serious while filming the Arya-Sansa reunion scene




Game of Thrones Season 7 had a lot of exciting  reunions, but there was one that the fans had been waiting for a long time, and that was between the Stark sisters. Arya Stark and Sansa Stark finally met again as Arya returned home after learning that Jon Snow is now the King in the North. A new behind the scenes video shows Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) couldn’t keep it together during their scenes in Season 7. Read on!

In the latest episode in the behind-the-scenes series The Game Revealed, a segment was dedicated to Mophie, with the Arya-Sansa reunion scene in focus. Watching the two trying to be serious while filming is hilarious. Watch the clip from the episode below :

Director of the episode with the reunion scene, ‘The Spoils of War’, Matt Shakman talked about filming the scene. Speaking of the reunion, Maisie said :

“Everyone’s like, ‘It’s so nice you girls are back together again.’ And I was like, ‘Just you wait, because by week two you’re going to hate us.”

Like we all know, these two went on to translate their real life comradery and badassery onto the screen, and Arya and Sansa brought some much needed justice to their house, in the Season 7 finale, by killing Littlefinger, so we are excited to see how these two fare in the final season. What about you? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


The year 2020 is proving to be the Red Wedding for most people around the world. There are some people who made good use of their time during the quarantine. Like one Reddit user, Rocketcatxx recreated the bloody Red Wedding scene in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. While there are others who are up to no good.

In a bizarre incident reported by CNN on 1st October, a man was charged with fraud after he sought out more than $6 million in PPP loans for companies named after Game of Thrones characters.

Tristan Bishop Pan, 38, of Garner, North Carolina, is facing charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions. He applied for fake PPP applications for 14 companies throughout the year 2020. He used names like Khaleesi LLC, Night’s Watch LLC, and White Walker LLC for his companies.

To support the applications, Pan made untrue statements about the companies’ employees and expenses — complete with fake documents and fraudulent tax filings. Though the final amount Pan sought was just over $6.1 million, he managed to get $1.7 million in benefits.

Even though what Tristan did was a serious crime, it is surprising how he got away with it for so long. For a TV show as famous as the Game of Thrones, the general folk behaved like Jon Snow (in a way, by knowing nothing).

What do you think about the indictment? Let us know in the comments below!

Sometimes working on a project for long makes it boring, no matter how interesting the work is. Co-workers tend to play little pranks on each other to have some fun while working, which keeps the job entertaining. Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams were victims of one such prank, right after filming the first episode.

Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss pranked the duo, who were 13 and 12 respectively back then, into thinking they weren’t invited to the pilot wrap party. They were told they were under-aged and therefore not welcome.


Benioff said, “We told Maisie and Sophie that since they were underage, they couldn’t come to the pilot wrap party. So we told them they were going to have a special underage wrap party at McDonald’s. They started crying.”

They came to the real wrap party and cried through that — because they thought they might never see each other again,” he revealed in the book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, written by Entertainment Weekly editor James Hibberd.

Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark and Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark do not meet on-screen after season one up until season seven. The pair continued to develop a close friendship off-screen, often bonding like sisters.

Game of Thrones was a life-changing event for both Williams and Turner. Not only did they achieve fame and success, but they also made great friends on set with co-stars. What do you think about the showrunners’ prank? Let us know in the comments below!


When we stare at a starry night sky, we see the light of the stars that died out thousands of years ago. The earth lost one of it’s brightest stars, Diana Rigg, not too long ago. Her warm light still shines upon our memories serving as an inspiration.

Diana Rigg was an inspiring and intimidating force both on and off camera as the Queen of Thorns Olenna Tyrell. The book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, written by Entertainment Weekly editor James Hibberd, covers a detailed interview with the cast and crew of Game of Thrones. They mourn and miss the veteran co-star terribly.

Jessica Henwick, who played the whip-snapping Nymeria Sand shared a memory of Diana with James. She said, “She walked onto the set, and she went, ‘I’m ready now!”

A cameraman came over and went, ‘Well, okay, but we haven’t finished setting up.’ She interrupted him and said, ‘Roll the cameras!’ And she just started doing her lines. She did two takes, and then the guy came over and was like, ‘Great, now we’re going to do a close-up.’ And she just stood up and she went, ‘I’m done!

Now, she can’t walk fast. She has to be helped. So basically we just sat there and watched as Diana Rigg effectively did her own version of storming off the set, but it was at 0.1 miles per hour. She cracked me up. I loved her.”

Rigg was a terror for the directors on set. David Benioff (showrunner) recalled:

Dames don’t audition for you; you audition for them. We loved her, she was funny, she was bawdy, she was everything we wanted for that character.”

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Diana Rigg continues to amaze us with her fond memories. Let us know how much you miss her in the comments below.


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