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Maisie Williams acknowledges fans’ expectations for an Arya Stark spinoff




‘Tis the age of spinoffs! With every other show getting a spinoff of its own, how can Game of Thrones lag behind? Once hailed as the greatest TV show of the 21st century, George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series was the cash cow for HBO for nearly a decade, but they don’t want that story to be over just yet. Hence comes the series of spinoffs currently under development at HBO HQ, and we have little bits of information about each of them, including the recently announced Jon Snow spinoff.

Well, many Arya Stark fans began to wonder, if Kit Harington is getting a spinoff of his own, why shouldn’t Maisie Williams return for her role? Several fan communities have put forth their ideas for a Game of Thrones spinoff centered around Arya Stark, and Williams is quite aware of them.


In a recent interview with People magazine, Williams said, “I’m still learning so much from fans that I meet … and they’re always recounting the parts of the show that they love, the parts of the show that were meaningful for them and the parts of Arya’s journey that were meaningful for them. I feel like I’m learning it all for the first time in a way right now.”

“So I’m still kind of piecing together what I think it should be, what I think would make people happy, and what I think would be fulfilling as well, as an actor, to do some kind of transition.”

She added, “We can’t just do the same thing that we did — it’s got to be new. But what are the parts that we would want to take with us and what are the parts that we would do differently? So I think I’m still kind of discovering that.”

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