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Liam Cunningham says the Jon-Dany incest issue will take a backseat in Game Of Thrones season 8



Game of Thrones has always been bold with the incest, and that has made the show quite the talk of the town over the years. Now, we have seen a lot of it on the show, but Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen‘s accidental incest has probably been one of the most talked about cases on the show.

The factor that sets it apart is that as of now, the end of Season 7, Jon and Dany don’t know they’re related yet. Liam Cunningham, who plays the role of Ser Davos Seaworth on the show, recently commented on this. Read on!

Now, the last we saw Jon and Dany together was on a boat, where they’re shown to be having sex, unaware of their blood relation. As we know, a few others are aware of this relation, bit since Jon and Dany didn’t know about their relation, and aren’t shown to find out by the end of Season 7.

This means that the reveal will be quite interesting. Liam Cunningham recently commented on the same in an interview with Metro, and he had a response that makes sense. When asked how Ser Davos will react to the reveal, he said :

“The problem is between the two of them, not so much for him. But I suppose he will have to deal with the fallout of that.”


He went on to explain how it won’t matter as much :

“There is a bigger issue with the Night King coming through the wall, so there is a more immediate problem than that. Incest goes down the priority list when there is a huge army coming down to kill everyone. Perhaps they will deal with that later, I don’t know.”

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Makes sense. With the Army of the Dead trying to rip everyone apart, it might take some time before the incest is the topic at hand. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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