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Lawsuit involving Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reveals a major spoiler about Jaime Lannister in Game Of Thrones Season 8



September 8th, 2:49am September 9th, 10:15pm Abhinav Pathak22, Game of Thrones geek, Passionate Fiction Writer and the author of ‘Gopalkant’s Wife’.

The new season of Game of Thrones might be a thing for the first half of 2019, but the series isn’t new to potential spoilers and leaks. And, this time it is something huge and gives away a major spoiler about Nikolaj CosterWaldau – the actor who plays the role of Jaime Lannister even though it might appear as a very minor piece of information to some. Read on and please proceed with caution, this can hamper your experience of Game of Thrones Season 8!


A Lannister always pays his debts,” we’ve been hearing this motto of House Lannister (The house words are ‘Hear me roar!’) since the very first season. But, perhaps Jaime made a mistake here. Well, the exclusive report comes from the Hollywood Reporter. According to them, a lawsuit involving Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and his former agent was released a couple of days ago and the actor owes an unpaid commission to the agency. The report states:

“An arbitrator finds that an agreement signed by Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau with Jill Littman and Impression Entertainment was real. The actor is fighting paying the $2 million ordered…

GoT salary: Coster-Waldau is now getting more than $1 million an episode for his work on Game of Thrones. (SPOILER: He’s also signed up for just four episodes in the coming season.)”

Considering this report credible, if we assume that Nikolaj appeared only in four episodes out of six, it gives us a major takeaway for the final season. It gives us a hint that Jaime will either only appear in the first four episodes (maybe, dies in the fourth) or will skip the first couple of episodes to finally appear at Winterfell for the Great War.

So, how hyped did this detail about Jaime Lannister in the Final Season make you? Do you think he will appear only in four episodes? Tell us in the comments.

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