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Game of Thrones production designer Deborah Riley reveals her favorite set



Game of Thrones has had magnificent sets throughout the length of the show. As we recently reported, production designer Deborah Riley was the co-recipient of the Production Design BAFTA Award. She recently spoke to Digital Spy about Game of Thrones sets, and even revealed her favorite set. Read on!

She was asked about which of the sets she was proud of the most, to which she replied:

“I am proud of different sets for different reasons. Thinking back to season four, I was very proud of the Meereen Audience Chamber, as it represented the first big build that myself and the new art department had been responsible for.

Likewise, I very much enjoyed the Hall of Faces of season five, as it was a very interesting space to try and imagine – and logistically it had a lot of challenges.

My very favourite, however, is the Dragonstone Audience Chamber of season seven. I feel it’s the strongest and most original space we have built.”

She also revealed that the Hall of Faces setup was the most expensive single set piece of the show, yet:

“For the Hall of Faces of season five, we had over 600 prosthetic faces made, all to varying degrees of finish according to how close to the camera they would be. I remember these being an issue as no-one imagined that we would need the kind of numbers that we did. The budget for them was a massive issue at the time.”

She was also asked what the most random prop they have had to make, to which she replied:

“I think the most random prop, or certainly one of the most memorable for me, was the Dove Pie that Joffrey had to cut open at his wedding feast. Fans were installed beneath the pie to ensure that the live white doves that were hidden inside flew away at the correct moment!”

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That was indeed an intriguing prop! What did you think about this interview? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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