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Kit Harington says Jon Snow is in mortal danger like anyone else in Game of Thrones Season 7



Game of Thrones has had some great characters, but there are hardly any that everybody loves. Jon Snow, the believed-to-be bastard, is one such character. His parentage was revealed last season, to be half-Stark, half –Targaryen, making him more important than ever. Now, as Melisandre stressed, The Lord of Light brought Jon back for a reason. With Season 6 having been a good one for Jon, and the story-line progressing in a way that makes him a pivotal character, Jon finds himself in the middle of all the action, but is he safe? Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, doesn’t seem to think so. Read on!

In a brand new interview with SFX Magazine, Kit Harington expressed his thoughts about Jon Snow’s possible fate in the remainder of Game of Thrones. A report byGamesRadar, the sister-site of SFX, provided a few excerpts from the interview. Kit talked about how he wasn’t feeling as safe anymore. He explained :

“I felt safe in season 6 because I thought it would be bad storytelling to kill me in the [same] season I’d been resurrected! But as for seasons beyond 6, it’s back to business. He’s in mortal danger like anyone else.”

Now, it’s only natural to assume that since he was killed off and brought back to life, he probably won’t die again. However, let’s face it : this is Game of Thrones; nothing is off-limits. For all we know, they could put him down this season itself, or they may show him ending up on the Iron Throne, there’s no way to tell. Kit, however, said that Season 7 starts off a bit positively, for Jon Snow. He said :

“I think there is an optimism in 7, definitely at the start. At the end of 6, being crowned King in the North, there’s a small smile on his face. He can start getting stuff done, and start trying to save people and protect people, and do what he’s been trying to do for ages. I mean, it’s maybe not optimism – the world’s fucking ending!”

There is probably much more to this interview, and about Game of Thrones, in the latest issue of SFX, so grab your copyhere. What do you think about this interview? What are your predictions​ for Jon Snow? Talk to us in the comments, below!

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