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Kit Harington re-enacts Cersei's Walk of Shame in the latest SNL promo




Game of Thrones Season 8 airs in 10 days  and the recent premiere attended by various current cast members along with a few former ones was fantastic. While we await the new season, Saturday Night Live (SNL) revealed the promo for its latest episode starring Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Leslie Jones. And, as the promo suggests the episode is going to be a gig too.

Welcome to @Lesdoggg’s fantasy. ⚔️

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) April 3, 2019

As we had previously shared with you, the episode is going to air on Saturday, April 6th which is exactly eight days prior to the new season of Game of Thrones premiering on April 14. The episode will not only cast Kit Harington and Leslie Jones but will also echo the music of American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. Talking about the promo revealed by SNL, it truly gave us a sneak-peak of what the episode will look like.

In the promo, Harington is forced to play out Leslie’s favourite scenes from Game of Thrones like Jon Snow’s meeting with Daenerys Targaryen in Episode 3 of the Seventh Season, and Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame from Season 5.  In one of the scenes, Kit is forced to bend the knee to Daenerys played by  Leslie, where he says:

“Leslie, uh, what are we actually, uh, doing here?”

“I mean, I’ve been here for four hours, but you just intercepted me at reception and gave me these — are these oven mitts?”

To this Leslie Jones ‘Targaryen’ replies:

“Yes, they’re oven gloves!” 

Upon being asked by Kit, “Is this even for the show?”, Leslie angrily responds:

 “No, this is my fantasy, OK? I tricked you.”


Upon trying to walk away from her, Leslie tricks him into a walk of atonement through Studio 8H. During the walk, doughnuts are pelted upon Harington instead of faeces that were being thrown at Cersei Lannister while she was being paraded naked through the streets of King’s Landing.

This isn’t the first time a Game of Thrones cast member has been given an opportunity to host an episode of SNL. On December 8, 2018, Jason Momoa – whose character Khal Drogo has been long dead in Game of Thrones hosted an episode of SNL too. There he had revived many characters from Game of Thrones like Olenna Tyrell, Joffrey Baratheon, the High Sparrow, and even himself. And, we hope more will come once the episode starring Kit Harington goes live on televisions!

Watch the full promo for the upcoming episode of SNL here:

wiki-of-thrones-logo-white-bg-1-3584138 kids-watch-and-react-to-game-of-thrones-6371833

Game of Thrones is a very adult-oriented show, if you catch my drift. As such, it’s definitely not recommended to be shown to kids. However, with some clever censoring and editing, it can be made to appear age appropriate. You might know about the popular YouTube channel, Fine Brothers Entertainment, also known as FBE, which is known for its ‘react’ videos. Their latest one is a video of kids reacting to an age-appropriate edit of Game of Thrones, and it’s hilarious! Read on!

There is no doubt about how straightforward kids can be. Just take our beloved late King Joffrey, for example. The kids Fine Brothers picked are no less, with one girl even asking Joffrey to ‘leave’ because nobody likes him. Check out the full video, below:

Of course, the kids are confused, and possibly creeped out, before they realize it’s Game of Thrones. After that, hilarity ensues.

The kids were shown quite a lot of footage from the show, starting with the trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8, which they found ‘ominous’. The footage was complete with bits of scenes including King Joffrey, and Lyanna Mormont. Of course, some kids didn’t quite understand what was going on, which is fine, because sometimes nor do we, unless we have watched it all over again.

One kid even went on to say “This is like history or something, but fancier,” which is kinda accurate. Another kid foreshadowed what we have feared for a while now, “They’re all just going to die in the end.” 

“Yay, dragon!” stole the show, however.

What do you guys think? Would you show Game of Thrones to kids you know? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


Kit Harington has been too busy after finishing filming Game of Thrones Season 8 – getting rid of his Jon Snow look and even growing a moustache for his new role in Sam Shephard’s True West. But, Kit was lucky enough to meet Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon in real life. Read on.


Well, the Dreamworks Animation recently released a ‘long-lost’ audition tape of Kit Harington who got a chance to meet another dragon – Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. This funny audition tape was meant to promote the latest movie in the franchise How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden Worldwhich is releasing in 2019. Kit had voiced a character named Eret in the second movie and is said to be reprising this for the third movie of the franchise too.

The audition tape doesn’t feature much about Game of Thrones but if you are a true nerd like me, you can find a way out too. Firstly, you can hear Kit saying to Toothless:

“I’m a bit confused about my part really… I mean, first I’m dead and then I’m not. No one knows who my mother is?”

You can relate this line to Jon Snow from Game of Thrones who was first dead and now he is not and him of never knowing his parentage – which will play a huge game changer in the upcoming season.

jon-and-drogon-1024x576-4226083Another call back comes from the last season when Jon met Drogon. Yet this scene was previously featured in the first film of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise where Hiccup first interacts with Toothless.

Now, that the parentage of Jon Snow has been revealed we can’t wait to get more of him interacting with a dragon – perhaps Rhaegal. Neither can we wait for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World releasing in February 2019, ahead of Game of Thrones Season 8 releasing in April 2019. Watch the video below:

What were your thoughts on Kit Harington’s long-lost audition for How To Train Your Dragon? Tell us in the comments section down below.


Former Game of Thrones star and everyone’s favourite Jason Momoa finally had a huge gig in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Momoa not only hosted the show live as he had teased in the episode’s promo but also revived his deceased character and deceased husband of the Dragon Queen – Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.  The December 8 episode of SNL had much more to see. We’ll discuss a few of them, especially as those star Jason.

Just in case the video isn’t available in your country, you can visit this site and just paste the video link to watch it.

Well,  Jason created his own imagined version of the Night Lands – a place similar to heaven where the humans go once they are dead – a common Dothraki belief. He created the afterlife destination called Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo, where we met most of the deceased characters from the show like Joffrey Baratheon, Olenna Tyrell, and others.

1-8196162The first guest of all was our favourite Hodor who still ‘hodors’ in the afterlife as well. Many conversations couldn’t happen between Drogo and Hodor obviously due to lack of communication.

3-2271903Up next, was Pete Davidson who played the High Sparrow in Seasons 5 and 6 only to be wild-fired by Cersei Lannister. The High Sparrow and Drogo discussed lives while they still stayed in George RR Martin’s known world. Despite not being missed by the fans any more just like the Sand Snakes, Sparrow mocked Drogo saying, “And we both ended up in the same heaven…It almost makes you question religion!”

Upon learning that the fanatic had ruled out King Tommen and was indirectly ruling the realm, Drogo got up and offered him the Golden Crown that he had once offered to Viserys Targaryen.

2-4433983The special and the funniest moment of the episode was perhaps, a conversation between Joffrey Baratheon, Olenna Tyrell, and Khal Drogo’s conversation where Joffrey proposed a duel between him and Drogo. This act ended with Joffrey learning that it was actually Olenna who had killed him. But, Olenna – like the sassy lady she was, threatened to kill him again by saying, “I’m about to kill you again, Justin Bieber!”

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While the new season of Game of Thrones is about four months away – we are up for anything related to the show but yeah, a new teaser or official trailer is really worth looking forward to more.

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