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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's Wedding date revealed



Game of Thrones is a great show that has has had a lot of great actors, playing equally great characters. The show is known for the portrayal of relationships, and it portrayed the romance between Jon Snow and Ygritte so well, the actors playing them, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, ended up becoming a real life couple. Now, they’ve announced their wedding date! Read on!

Now, as you guys know, Kit and Rose got engaged earlier this year, and we recently reported about their wedding invites, which have a Game of Thrones zing to them. A new report by BBC now has revealed the date of the star couple’s wedding.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie will tie the knot on June 23. That’s less than a month from now. BBC apparently gets the information from the Huntly registration office in Aberdeenshire, where it has been posted as per standard procedure. The report also notes that the couple will get married in the north east of Scotland, which is around where Rose Leslie’s family castle stands.

Well, we are excited for one of the show’s biggest ships to come true in real life, and while the couple has been secretive about the whole wedding over very understandable privacy concerns, we hope to see at least a few pictures in the aftermath. What about you guys? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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