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Jon Snow gets re-imagined as classic Disney princes

Game of Thrones has had a lot of great characters over the years, but we all know there is one character that is easily the poster boy for the series. I mean sure, Daenerys Targaryen is all fire and all, with her dragons, but it’s really Jon Snow that we all like. The recently revealed parentage, which makes him fire and ice, being half Targaryen, half Stark, and just adds more fuel to the theory that he is, after all, the prince that was promised. Jon Snow has now been re-imagined to be all of theDisney princes, several times over, and we’re in awe of the ease with which he seems to fit in every frame.

A post on HelloGiggles shows artwork by Crystal Ro, which superimposes Jon Snow’s face on about almost all the Disney princes we know. Check them out, below :

Jon Snow as Prince Aladdin:


Jon Snow as the Beast:


Jon Snow as Prince Charming:

Jon Snow as Prince Eric:

Jon Snow as Prince Ferdinand:

Jon Snow as John Smith:


Jon Snow as Li Shang:


Jon Snow as Prince Naveen:


He really does fit well, doesn’t he? What did you think about the art? What other Disney Princes/characters would you like to see Jon Snow as? Tell us in the comments, below!