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Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere will be the 2nd longest premiere episode till date!



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Game of Thrones has been gone for quite a while now, with Season 6 having begun airing over a year ago. We have all been dealing with the fact that Season 7 will arrive much later, and even after we have been waiting for such a long time, we still have about 50 days to go before the premiere drops. It has been saddening, knowing that we will be having only 7 episodes, as opposed to the usual run of 10. Recently, more and more details are getting revealed, as the next season inches closer. The latest info to come out is the length of the first episode of Season 7. Read on!

This information doesn’t really come from a major announcement, but rather from a quiet update. HBO recently updated their website to list the Season 7 premiere, and the length was revealed to be 59 minutes! No synopsis or any other information about the episode was revealed.


As far as lengths go, the episode stands to be the second longest season premiere, after the Season 1 premiere, which was 62 minutes long, and tying with the Season 4 premiere in length. It will be following up The Winds of Winter, Season 6 finale, which clocked in at 69 minutes, making it the longest Game of Thrones episode, ever. The other season premieres weren’t far behind. Here’s a list of Game of Thrones season premieres and their durations:

  • Season 1: 62 minutes
  • Season 2: 53 minutes
  • Season 3: 55 minutes
  • Season 4: 59 minutes
  • Season 5: 53 minutes
  • Season 6: 50 minutes
  • Season 7: 59 minutes
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However, length and episode count aside, there have been enough hints dropped that Season 7 is going to be changing everything, and will end up beating all previous seasons, and with that trailer HBO released recently, we don’t see why it shouldn’t. A lot of storylines are going to be colliding, a lot more people dying, and fire and ice is going to be all around. We can’t wait for the Season 7 premiere, which is set for 16th July. What about you? Talk to us in the comments, below!

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