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Johnnie Walker to launch new Game of Thrones scotches

Game of Thrones and merchandising go hand in hand. You what else goes hand in hand? Game of Thrones and alcohol. We have seen the perfect combination of these three things, with a lot of Game of Thrones co-branded alcohol coming out. Even though the show is over now, it looks like we might have one last update to the range Game of Thrones-themed alcohol. Johnnie Walker is releasing two new Game of Thrones scotches. Read on!

Johnnie Walker has previously made a scotch with the Game of Thrones branding before, called White Walker. After that, they released a series of eight whiskies, each for one great House of Westeros. and this time around, they’re going with an Ice and Fire theme, one for each. The new pair will be straight up called A Song of Ice and Fire. Take a look:

We have no more details about the taste of the new scotch range, although we expect the two be in contrast with each other. However, preorders are now open, with one 750ml bottle marked at the price of $43. You can pre-order yours, here. They will be available in October 2019.

Are you guys gonna get a bottle, or maybe two? Tell us in the comments, down below!