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John Bradley explains why Jon Snow and Sam were bestfriends despite opposing personalities




For the actors of Game of Thrones as well as its viewers, it was a transformative experience. After filming for the program concluded, a number of the stars went on to new endeavors. A popular figure among the fans was John Bradley, who portrayed the amiable Samwell Tarly in the critically acclaimed TV series. Sam’s dynamic with Kit Harington‘s Jon Snow was one of the most lovable elements of the HBO epic.

Why did Sam and Jon Snow’s friendship work on Game of Thrones?

Fans have often wondered why the characters so different from each other, like Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly, would ever be friends. In an interview with, Bradley was asked the same, to which he replied:

“Yeah, I think that’s what made it such an appealing watch, the fact that it’s such a broad spectrum of characters, all of humanity was there. And if it was just the serious side of things, if it was just the brooding hero, you’d just get sick of that tone. You have to have people in there to break that open. I think that was why Sam and Jon’s relationship was so effective because they are so different.”


Sam and Jon Snow completed each other

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Bradley went on to emphasize both Sam and Jon were integral to each other’s development. He explained, “But at different times, they were exactly what the other person needed. Sometimes, you know, Sam needed a protector physically, and sometimes Jon needed some sage advice. And so, between them, they make up for each other’s shortcomings, and they become a complete person between them.”

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