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John Bradley drops a big hint about Samwell Tarly and his role in Game of Thrones season 7



Game of Thrones has a roster of amazing characters, but there is a certain duality to most of them: They cannot exactly be classified as good or bad. Most characters either have moments portraying them as both, and the exceptions are few. One of the exceptions on the better side of things is Samwell Tarly, who is easily one of the nicest characters on the show. John Bradley, who plays the role of Samwell Tarly, has recently dropped a major spoiler about the end of Game of Thrones, and how Samwell might be a part of it.

John Bradleyrecently appearedonThe Times’ Walking the Dog podcastwhere he talked about a lot of things, but importantly, teased Samwell being a part of the ending of the show. He said:

“The thing about Sam is, if he’s still around at this stage, you do suspect that there is gonna be a point to keeping him around.”

That does make sense, and we expect Samwell to play a part in the end-game, especially because now that he’s at the Citadel, with Gilly, to train to be a Maester, the chances of him getting killed are quite low. John supplemented that tease with what he told theTV & Satellite magazine. Speaking about the Valyrian steel sword of the Tarly house, he said:

“I think taking the sword was a symbolic gesture of taking what’s his. He knows only too well that the sword is wasted if it stays in Horn Hill. If it’s just an ornament then it’s not going to do the good he knows he can do with it.”

He continued, “It’s not that he wants to go to the Citadel to have a comfortable life. He genuinely feels he can make a difference, and he wants to, because he’s a very good and proactive character. He knows he can’t make a difference in the conventional way, or in the battlefield. But he can make a difference here.”

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Recently HBO posted photos from Game of Thrones season 7 and the picture in which Samwell and Gilly were present also involved some information about The Lord of Light and Azor Ahai and there’s a good possibility that he might help us in identifying the identity of Azor Ahai. Now that John Bradley has given a hint that he has an important part to play in the coming seasons, we are sure that he might help the realm in fighting against the White Walkers. What role do you think Samwell Tarly will play in the upcoming seasons? Tell us your predictions in the comments, down below!

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