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Jacob Anderson talks about Grey Worm's relationship with Missandei and his journey so far in Game Of Thrones



Game of Thrones Season 7 was quite a banger. We saw the number of characters under focus considerably reduce, and one of the few that made the cut was Grey Worm. Jacob Anderson, who plays the role of Grey Worm, and goes by the monicker of Raleigh Ritchie when working on his music, recently spoke to SyFy Wire about Game of Thrones Season 7 for Grey Worm, and more. Read on!

While Jacob didn’t give out anything about Season 8, including a revelation about whether he will be in it, he did speak about Season 7. He apparently was a fan of the show before he landed a part on it, but he hadn’t read the books, nor was he really a fantasy-fiction kinda guy. Speaking of his casting story, he said :

“I mean, I wish I had a really good story for it, but it was as simple as I just auditioned for it. I guess maybe the most interesting thing about auditioning for the show is that I didn’t know that I was going to be speaking a different language. So I auditioned in my own voice, and then it wasn’t until I got the part, and maybe two months before we started shooting, that they were like, “oh by the way, your character doesn’t speak English, doesn’t speak the common tongue, so good luck!” (laughs)”

In a show that chops off characters with no mercy, Grey Worm has lived on, and Jacob says he is surprised that he’s been alive so far into the show :

“I’m really surprised that I survived last season. I think every time Grey Worm kind of finds himself in a tight spot, I’ve always thought “well, that’s it, then.” I remember in Season 5, when the Unsullied are fighting the Harpies, I got called in for a prosthetics meeting, and I was told when I first started the show that if you get called in for a prosthetics meeting, that means that your time is up.”

“Actually it was just for the stab, but I got a feeling, I didn’t get sent… we got sent scripts in two sort of separate pieces that year, and I’m pretty sure that was episode 4 or 5, and we didn’t get the other five episodes after it. So I didn’t know…that was the end of the episode, so I didn’t know if I survived or not.”

In Season 7, Grey Worm and the Unsullied were stuck at Casterly Rock, and Anderson thought it was over for him. He was asked how they made it out :

“(laughs) We had to walk back! The thing is, it’s not that they’re stuck, it’s just that it’s a three-week walk back to civilization. But I just thought, I’m gonna be the first Game of Thrones character to die from starvation. If we had known, maybe we would’ve packed some tins of fruit or something.”

Lastly, he talked about the relationship between Grey Worm and Missandei, which is something the fandom loves :

“It’s really nice that the response has been so positive, because I think as well that the thing with that relationship is it’s not about power. There’s no sort of game in their relationship. They’re falling in love with each other and that’s kind of it for their story. So it’s really nice that that plot that doesn’t really forward the overall “game” I guess — that people have the patience for that and that people buy into it is really cool.”

“I think they have a really lovely relationship, it’s not really like any other relationship in the show. They don’t get anything out of it except each other, which is rare in the world of manipulation and “sex is power.” You know?”

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So, looking forward to watching Grey Worm in Season 8? We surely are! Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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