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Is Game of Thrones building up a duel between Jon Snow and Night King?



The last season of Game of Thrones brought us a step closer to the main battle between the living and the dead, being teased from the opening scene of the first season. Yet, it hasn’t been confirmed who is destined to lead the war against the Night King. Is it a single person or a collective group of people?

But, the last few seasons of Game of Thrones, as some fans speculate, have been building up a one-on-one battle between the Night King and Jon Snow. Let’s get to a few instances:

The glance Jon and the Night King shared in the episode ‘Hardhome’

The Night King is currently the worst threat that Westeros can ever face! We all saw that in the eighth episode of the fifth season. When Jon and party went to evacuate the Wildlings from Hardhome, they were ambushed by the wights and thousands were massacred. The episode ended with Jon hardly escaping with a few thousands of wildlings. The last glance that Jon and the Night King shared was epic and it obviously builds up to something.

“Kill him. He turned them all”

In the episode ‘Beyond the Wall’ from the previous season, Jon and others (the Hound, Jorah, Beric, and Tormund) were trapped, surrounded by wights. They were ambushed and had somehow managed to keep themselves safe on a small isle in the frozen lake. Just a moment after Beric cremated Thoros of Myr’s corpse when Jon said that Daenerys was their only chance of survival. Beric pointed his sword towards the Night King and told Jon this:

No, there’s another. Kill him. He turned them all.”

When the Night King killed Viserion

The sixth episode of the final season also broke our hearts when the Night King killed Viserion – one of Daenerys’s dragons. He killed it, raised it, and now it serves as his mount. Its fire now burns blue and gives the Night King an advantage, who breached the wall because of it. After the Night King killed the poor dragon, we all could evidently see Jon’s anger and he would have gone for the Night King next until he saw him taking an aim at Drogon and asked Dany to leave immediately.

When Daenerys consoles Jon on the boat

After Jon was saved by Benjen Stark from wights, he sent him back to Eastwatch on his horse. When Jon awoke, he saw Daenerys sitting next to him. Just a moment before Jon pledged his allegiance to her, she promised him something. She said,

“We are going to destroy the Night King and his army. And, we’ll do it together. You have my word.”

It can be accurately predicted here that the Night King will have a one-on-one battle with either of them or both of them. But with a possible Targaryen child on the way, who knows what will happen in the final season?

The actor who plays the Night King was replaced

Back in season 5, when the Night King was just introduced in the story, his character was played by Richard Blake. But since season 6, the actor who played the Night King has been replaced by Vladimir Furdik. Vladimir is well-known for doing stunts in films and TV series. Also, he had played a stunt double for one of the Targaryen Kingsguard present at the Tower of Joy. So, what was the motive behind changing the actor here? Will the Night King have to play some action sequences in the epic final season?

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