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Icy Game of Thrones hotel opens up in Lapland, Finland



Game of Thrones is a part of pop culture, there’s no denying. The show has helped pilot the television medium into it’s best period, and even though the show will end, it has left it’s mark deep enough for it to be remembered for decades to come. Now, in the latest of examples of how big Game of Thrones is, and icy Game of Thrones themed hotel has been opened up in Lapland, Finland. Read on!

The project is actually a joint venture between HBO Nordic, and Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, and together they have built a whole section in the premises dedicated to Game of Thrones, inside the SnowVillage, which is made out of snow and ice, reports CNN. The hotel is located at resort of Kittilä, 90 minutes from Helsinki, and has 24 rooms, 10 of which are overnight stay suites. Check out a few pictures, below :

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The whole hotel is a bundle of tributes to the show, designed by professional ice sculptors and having homages like replicas of the Braavosi Hall of Faces and the Iron Throne, guarded by The Mountain himself. A life-like White Walker is also present, along with a dragon-shaped ice slide.

The 20,000 sq. ft. SnowVillage actually aims to emulate the Winter conditions from the show, and thus it’s quite cold inside, with temperatures dropping down to -5 degree Celsius at times. However there are a few real world ‘luxuries’ as well, such as warm log cabins, a cinema, a chapel, an themed arctic bar serving drinks in ice glasses, and a restaurant which serves Reindeer steak ans has furniture made from ice. The hotel has existed for a long time now, but the Game of Thrones theming is brand new.

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