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How House of the Dragon filmed at historical sites without damaging the stonework



Targaryan red black Caceres

The production on the second season of Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is currently underway. The series showcased some of the most beautiful landscapes that were used as sets, which included sites from Northern Ireland, Croatia, and Spain. Filming at historic sites at these places was a difficult task, but the crew managed to do it without harming the ancient structures.

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House of the Dragon production designer talks filming at historic sites

The show’s production designer Jim Clay told Variety, “There’s a kind of distinct look about U.K. medieval. It’s a heavier sort of architecture. Once you’re into Spain or obviously Italy, there’s much more of this sort of Renaissance, slightly more romantic, slightly more detailed feel to the architecture.”

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How House of the Dragon preserved the monuments in Cáceres

Clay also revealed how his team worked with Spanish authorities to preserve historic sites in Cáceres, “Obviously, we can’t change the stonework, but the authorities cooperated as much as they could and we were able to put a ground covering throughout all of the streets. That was partly for the look, and it was partly for horses being able to maneuver over wet cobblestones without tripping.”

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