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House of the Dragon premiere didn’t have a title sequence, but it’s coming next week




Game of Thrones was fondly remembered for many aspects, one of them being the catchy intro. Interestingly enough, House of the Dragon seems to have passed on it entirely. Today’s pilot episode lacked an intro of any kind, quite unlike the Game of Thrones pilot.

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However, Vulture has learned from industry insiders that the decision to air House of the Dragon without an intro track was a creative one and that the jingle will be unveiled in next week’s episode. It’ll be interesting to see what the talented composer Ramin Djawadi has in store for us. We’re expecting it to be nothing short of epic.


It is quite common for TV shows to air without an intro track/title credits, also known in the industry as a “cold open.” Several iconic shows such as The Office have regularly used that format. In House of the Dragon’s case, the delay is likely just a part of HBO’s hype-building process.

The outro, on the other hand, is essentially an acapella version of the Game of Thrones tune. House of the Dragon tips its hat to the source material multiple times, which is likely to be a recurring theme throughout the show.

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