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House of The Dragon director says Season 1 finale is one of his career’s biggest achievements




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon Season 1 will be coming to a close next week. Fans are expecting a spectacular end to the first season, which serves as an introduction to the Dance of the Dragons saga. The show has done a great job of satisfying both the fans and the critics so far, and the cast and the crew are positive the final episode will be the best thing about this season. Episode 10’s director Greg Yaitanes labels it as one of his proudest achievements so far.

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Yaitanes recently talked to Vanity Fair and said, “You have to imagine, who haven’t you answered for in episode nine?” And what would they be experiencing with the news that is going to inevitably reach them? If I have five things that I, in 30 years [of directing] am most proud of, this is absolutely on that list.”


“It literally felt like I was building on the shoulders of giants. In a way, this was Game of Thrones season nine. We had the infrastructure, we had the knowledge [from Benioff and Weiss’s work]. Even though the world needed to be created [again], I cannot undersell how much it helps you when you’re not building from scratch—you know what the Red Keep looks like. You can spend that last bit of energy making it a little unfamiliar because it’s changed over 200 years.”

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