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House of the Dragon deleted scene explained why Daemon lashed out at Rhaenyra over Aegon’s dream



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In House of the Dragon, Aegon’s prophecy is about to cause one of the worst wars in Westerosi history. The secret was passed down for generations within the Targaryen family, and the last person to know about it is Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. However, when her uncle-husband Daemon comes to know about it, he lashes out at her. A deleted scene from the first season might explain why.

House of the Dragon deleted scene showed a closer bond between Viserys and Daemon

HBO recently released the script for the first season of House of the Dragon to Deadline, and it has unlocked some hidden secrets that might change your perspective of some characters by quite a bit. On one of the pages, there is a mention of Daemon actually comforting Viserys after Aemma and their child’s death.

“Daemon throws himself into his brother’s arms. The men embrace for a while. There is real love here.”

This scene never made it to the final cut.


Viserys tried to tell Daemon about Aegon’s dream

In another deleted scene, Viserys tries to tell Daemon about the prophecy, however, he is unable to do so because of Daemon’s arrogance.

Daemon: “Aegon was not a dreamer. He was a conqueror. With a greatsword of Valyrian steel and the most fearsome dragon that ever lived.”

Viserys: “Aegon wrote his own history. The truth was different.”

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After Daemon laughs at him for being naive, Viserys decides to trust Rhaenyra with it instead. When Rhaenyra finally tells Daemon about the prophecy, he gets mad not at Rhaenyra, but actually at himself, for not listening to his brother, and Viserys, for not trusting him enough, and takes it out on the first person in front of him.

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