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HBO releases the behind the scenes video for the epic battle from “The Spoils of War”



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Game of Thrones gave us one of the most epic battle scenes that we have seen till date and many fans of the show will argue that the battle scene featuring Drogon is even better than the Battle of the Bastards. During the latest episode, Daenerys finally took things into her own hands and decided that she couldn’t wait on the sidelines any longer and she took Jon Snow’s advice and instead of attacking the Red Keep, she went directly for the Lannister and Tarly army, who were returning with the loot from Highgarden.

It was a massacre, with Drogon torching the enemy soldiers from the sky and the Dothraki swept through the defence with much ease. The battle was a visual spectacle, which was a treat for the viewers and I am sure that most of the fans must’ve watched the battle multiple times since the episode has aired.

However, shooting a battle scene on such a massive scale isn’t an easy task and now we have a better idea about the efforts that went into bringing this epic battle to life, thanks to the 14 minutes long behind the scenes video that has been released by HBO on their YouTube channel. In the video titled “The Loot Train Attack“(yes that’s what the show is calling the battle scene), the showrunners talk about the massive amount of work that has gone into creating the scene. You can watch the entire video below:

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