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Hannah Waddingham on Becoming Friends With Lena Headey on Game of Thrones




Game of Thrones was like a huge family, consisting of varied personalities coming together to make a great show. No matter how adverse their roles were on-screen, they were quite friendly in real life. Take for example, the case of Cersei’s torturer Septa Unella. The two characters couldn’t see eye to eye in the fantasy series. However, in real life, Hannah Waddingham (Unella) and Lena Headey are close friends.

In a recent episode of Collider’s Ladies Night, Waddingham said, “I think the key with Lena and myself was we immediately got on. We’re both what we would call here ‘birds.’ We’re not fluffy, girly girls. We got on immediately, we really dig each other from the word ‘go,’ and I think that we just realized that it was very much a bit of teamwork on that. She and I are friends still today and if you think about how little time that we actually spent on that together, that makes me feel like they got the chemistry right there.”

She continued, “I was acutely aware of coming into something where she had been carving out such a magnificent three-dimensional character for five seasons. I owed it to her and to her detailed work to come in and bolster that up around her. So I’m just glad that it was so well received and that she and I are still very silly friends.”

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True horrors reside in the deepest corners of the twisted human mind. Game of Thrones gave a glimpse of what torture meant in the medieval period. Fans of the show still get flooded by the memories of Cersei’s torture whenever they hear the word ‘Shame’. And how can anyone forget the dreadful character behind that voice, Septa Unella, played by Hannah Waddingham. In a recent episode of Collider’s Ladies Night, she revealed the original fate of her character on Game of Thrones.

She revealed, “She was meant to be raped by The Mountain. I think they’d had so many complaints about the rape of Sansa that they chose not to go with it.”

I think they possibly changed it when I was mid-air flying to Belfast because suddenly I got sent these new sides that said that I would need a wetsuit top. And I thought they’d sent me the wrong bits. Sure enough, when I got there, I was then put in a wetsuit top and I was like, ‘Because?’ And they went, ‘Oh, it’s waterboarding instead.’”

“And there I was strapped to a wooden table with proper big straps for ten hours. Definitely, other than childbirth, it was the worst day of my life.”

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Jason Momoa’s movie the Aquaman was a huge success for the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). The movie made huge profits and was applauded by fans all over the world. Aquaman was earlier regarded as a lame, fish-talking hero with little to no use. The character was made fun of by many comic book fans across the world. However, with the introduction of Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa as the titular hero, everything changed. Aquaman is now one of the coolest heroes in the DC roster, thanks to Momoa.

In a recent interview with Drew Barrymore, Jason Momoa discussed what it was like to write up the story treatment for Aquaman 2. He said :

“After we ended the first one I went in with my writing partner and we dreamed up the second one and we went in and pitched the idea and the best thing I can give you is that I love it so much that I participated in the writing of it. And so, we did the first treatment and then James and our original writer David finished it off and all of our hearts are in it. Instead of just like getting a script and doing that like you are 100% being encouraged by your director and co-writers so that’s exciting for me and I’m excited to go over there. I leave in July and we start filming.”

Momoa has also joined Discovery’s docuseries On The Roam where he will be meeting more badass people like him. Are you excited about Aquaman 2? Tell us in the comments below!

Game of Thrones managed to keep the audience hooked for nearly a decade, until the last season. The fanbase was divided over the final season. The cast of the show had varied opinions as well. Some, like actor Charles Dance, said he would have signed the petition to renew the final season, had he known about it. While some, like actor Liam Cunningham, think that over time, fans will eventually come to terms with it.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, he talked about his new TV series Domina. He compared the show to Game of Thrones, then couldn’t help talking about the project of his lifetime. He was asked if he would like to go back to being an electrician, to which he said, “Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. If I do have to go back, it might be a bit weird knocking on someone’s door. ‘I’m here to fix your fuse box.’ ‘Are you not Davos Seaworth?’ ‘Yeah, things are a bit tight at the moment…’”

He eventually talked about the criticism over the final season. “They’re just demonstrating their feelings,” he laughed. “That’s OK. It was two years ago and people are still talking about it every day…”

“There was no way we were going to please everybody,” Cunningham said, talking about the series finale. “People never like having something they’ve loved taken from them. There was so much speculation about who was going to be king, how the story was going to roll out.”

“Line of Duty is a perfect example… if you outwit people, they think they’ve been hoodwinked. If they get it right, they turn around and go, ‘Well, I knew that was going to happen…Maybe people weren’t happy that it was a happy ending. It’s possible. People are more than entitled to feel unsatisfied if they feel unsatisfied. I think history will be kind, let’s put it that way.”

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