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Gwendoline Christie reminisces about early days of Brienne



Game of Thrones is a mad show, with an insane range of characters, but there are few that stand tall above all. Quite literally. Yes, we’re talking about the tallest lady on the show, Brienne of Tarth. One of the most fierce characters on the show, she has captivated the audiences with every appearance. Now, as the show draws to a close, Gwendoline Christie, who plays the role of Brienne, took some time to look back on the early days of her character, in a recent interview. Read on!

In a recent interview with BAFTA Guru, Gwendoline discussed her role on Game of Thrones. You can watch the full interview, below:

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Speaking of when she first heard about the character, she said:

“A friend told me in 2011 that there was something written about me on the internet being in an HBO show. So I looked it up — I’d never done anything like that before — and I saw all of these incredible fan forums featuring my name.”

She continued:

“And that really blew my mind. The idea that there might be this portrayal of a woman in mainstream entertainment who was entirely unconventional, who was physically very strong, but that wasn’t the most interesting thing about her. The most interesting thing about her is that that is coupled with an extreme sensitivity and vulnerability.”

She read the books, as well as prepared for the role physically. Her audition apparently lasted for five minutes:

“I thought, ‘okay so I’ve got that or that just went so so badly, so so badly.”

Speaking of the show and her time on it, she said:

“The writing has been absolutely incredible and I feel really privileged to have played that part and to have received that kind of writing to work with. The storyline with Jaime Lannister has been incredible. The scenes I’ve loved best have been my scenes with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, because he’s taught me so much about acting…mainly how not to do it. No, I’m joking.

I think the bathtub scene was an amazing scene. Actually to get watch Nikolaj’s work at such close quarters and to leave myself open and really be deeply affected by that performance. Also fighting the bear. Also fighting the Hound.”

To wrap it up, she said that while the physical work was tiring, she still considers herself lucky to have been on the show. What do you guys think about this interview? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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