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George R. R. Martin’s real inspiration behind the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones



George R.R. Martin and Night's Watch

George R.R. Martin, the mastermind behind the epic fantasy series, revealed the real-life inspiration that contributed to the creation of this iconic group. Martin drew inspiration from historical figures and orders. Uncover the fascinating parallels between the inspiration and the Night’s Watch.

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Martin describes the inspiration for Night’s Watch

Martin said regarding the Night’s Watch: “A lot of the stuff about the Night’s Watch comes from the church militant of the crusades, the templars, and the hospitals. They were sworn to poverty and obedience. They were sworn to chastity.

He continued: “They were also warriors, and there were several different orders though the one that lasted the longest was a Knights hospitaller who initially began in the hospital in Jerusalem. Their great rival was the templars, who were even more powerful.

Martin later described his real-life inspiration for The Wall.

The Knight’s Templars and their similarity with the watchers on the wall

The Knights Templar and The Night's Watch

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The Knights Templar, a medieval Christian military order established during the Crusades in the early 12th century, were known for their unwavering commitment to a strict code of conduct. Upon joining the order, knights took solemn vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Chastity, in particular, meant that they abstained from any form of romantic or sexual relationship.

This dedication to purity was seen as a means to maintain their focus on their religious and military duties, enabling them to serve as devout protectors of Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. The combination of their religious piety and martial prowess made the Knights Templar a formidable and revered group during the Middle Ages.

The Knights Templar and the Night’s Watch share similarities. They both take sworn vows and uphold a sense of duty. The Knights Templar swear chastity, while the Night’s Watch pledges celibacy and service to guard the realm. They display military excellence and strategic prowess.

Both foster strong brotherhood among members. They dedicate themselves to higher callings and make personal sacrifices. The Knights Templar protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. The Night’s Watch defends the realm from threats beyond the Wall.

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